Jamaica Athletics Invitational - World-Class Sprinter: Abby Steiner Breaks US Record in 300m
World-Class Sprinter: Abby Steiner

The Jamaica Athletics Invitational Meet 2024 will take center stage in Kingston on Saturday, May 11th. Several world and Olympic Games medalists are gearing up to line up for the prestigious event.

Here is the start list for the Jamaica Athletics Invitational Meet 2024:

Event 1: Women Triple Jump

  1. Shanieka Ricketts, Jamaica
  2. Thea Lafond, Dominica
  3. Jasmine Moore, USA
  4. Keturah Orji, USA
  5. Richelle Stanley, Jamaica
  6. Charisma Taylor, Bahamas
  7. Imani Oliver, USA

Event 2: Men Discus Throw

  1. Andrew Evans, USA
  2. Fredrick Dacres, Jamaica
  3. Reggie Jaggers, USA
  4. Chad Wright, Jamaica
  5. Travis Smikkle, Jamaica
  6. Brian Williams, USA

Event 3: Men High Jump

  1. Christoff Bryan, Jamaica
  2. Raymond Richards, Jamaica
  3. Lushane Wilson, Jamaica
  4. Ethan Harris, USA
  5. Dontavious Hill, USA
  6. Perry Christie, USA
  7. Kyle Alcine, Bahamas

Event 4: Women 400 Meter Hurdles

  1. Gianna Woodruff, Panama
  2. Shian Salmon, Jamaica
  3. Anna Cockrell, USA
  4. Andrenette Knight, Jamaica
  5. Shamier Little, USA
  6. Rushell Clayton, Jamaica
  7. Janieve Russell, Jamaica
  8. Dalilah Muhammad, USA

Event 5: Men 400 Meter Hurdles

  1. Malique Smith, US Virgin Islands
  2. Marvin Williams, Jamaica
  3. Malik James, Jamaica
  4. Jaheel Hyde, Jamaica
  5. Kyron Macmaster, British Virgin Islands
  6. Shamer Blake, Jamaica
  7. Demar Murray, Jamaica

Event 6: Women 400 Meter Dash

  1. Shana Kaye Anderson, Jamaica
  2. Ashley Willaims, Jamaica
  3. Brittany Brown, USA
  4. Cherokee Young, Jamaica
  5. Stacey-Ann Williams, Jamaica
  6. Alexis Holmes, USA
  7. Aliyah Abrams, Guyana
  8. Stephanie McPherson, Jamaica

Event 7: Men 400 Meter Dash

  1. Javaughn Pinnock, Jamaica
  2. Deandre Watkin, Jamaica
  3. Jovan Francis, Jamaica
  4. Will London, USA
  5. Wendell Miller, Bahamas
  6. Dennick Luke, Dominica
  7. Terry Thomas, Jamaica

Event 8: Men 400 Meter Dash

  1. Michael Joseph, St. Lucia
  2. Zandrian Barnes, Jamaica
  3. Demish Gaye, Jamaica
  4. Mattew Boling, USA
  5. Antonio Watson, Jamaica
  6. Matthew Hudson Smith, United Kingdom
  7. Alonzo Russell, Bahamas
  8. Michael Cherry, USA

Event 9: Women 200 Meter Dash

  1. Jessica Gbai, Ivory Coast
  2. Lanea Thomas, Jamaica
  3. Daina Asher-Smith, Great Britain
  4. Ashanti Moore, Jamaica
  5. Briana Williams, Jamaica
  6. Natasha Robinson, USA

Event 10: Men 200 Meter Dash

  1. Javari Thomas, Jamaica
  2. Michael Campbell, Jamaica
  3. Brendon Rodney, Canada
  4. Pablo Mateo, France
  5. Christian Coleman, USA
  6. Zarnel Hughes, Great Britain
  7. Fred Kerley, USA
  8. Jezeel Murphy, Jamaica

Event 11: Men Triple Jump

  1. Jayden Hibbert, Jamaica
  2. Shawn-D Thompson, Jamaica
  3. Jah-Nhai Perinchief, Bermuda
  4. Jordan Scott, Jamaica
  5. Oberian Winsome, Jamaica
  6. Kaiwan Culmer, Bahamas
  7. Chengetayi Mapayi, Zimbabwe

Event 12: Women 100 Meter Hurdles

  1. Gabbi Cunningham, USA
  2. Yanique Thompson, Jamaica
  3. Christina Clemens, USA
  4. Danielle Williams, Jamaica
  5. Tobi Amusan, Nigeria
  6. Nia Ali, USA
  7. Laeticia Bapte, France
  8. Rushell Burton, Jamaica

Event 13: Men 110 Meter Hurdles

  1. Lafranz Campbell, Jamaica
  2. Damion Thomas, Jamaica
  3. Daniel Roberts, USA
  4. Jamal Britt, USA
  5. Orlando Bennett, Jamaica
  6. Eric Edwards, USA
  7. Andre Harris, Jamaica

Event 14: Women 100 Meter Dash

  1. Serena Cole, Jamaica
  2. Shacoria Wallace, Jamaica
  3. Tatayana Pinta, Germany
  4. Kystal Soley, Jamaica
  5. Remona Burchell, Jamaica
  6. Jonille Smith, Jamaica
  7. Michael Moodis, Jamaica
  8. Jura Levy, Jamaica

Event 15: Men 100 Meter Dash

  1. Ashanie Smith, Jamaica
  2. Tuquendo Tracey, Jamaica
  3. Bryan Level, Jamaica
  4. Demarius Smith, USA
  5. Emanuel Archibald, Guyana
  6. Oshane Bailey, Jamaica
  7. Ramone Barnswell, Jamaica

Event 16: Women 100 Meter Dash

  1. Briana Williams, Jamaica
  2. Tia Clayton, Jamaica
  3. Gemima Joseph, France
  4. Marie-Josée Ta Lou, Ivory Coast
  5. Abby Steiner, USA
  6. Kemba Nelson, Jamaica
  7. Alana Reid, Jamaica
  8. Tina Clayton, Jamaica

Event 17: Men 100 Meter Dash

  1. Kadrian Goldson, Jamaica
  2. Jerome Blake, Canada
  3. Ronny Baker, USA
  4. Julian Forte, Jamaica
  5. Brandon Hickling, USA
  6. Akeem Blake, Jamaica
  7. Sanjay Davison, Jamaica
  8. Earl Simmons, St. Kitts & Nevis

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