Athing MU wins the Women's 800m in a time of 1:55.19 at the 2023 Prefontaine Classic

EUGENE, Ore. — In a pioneering move that underscores a growing commitment to diversity and representation in sports, TrackTown USA announced its continued collaboration with Black Women Photographers for the third consecutive year, extending its innovative partnership to include videographers for the first time. This initiative not only aims to spotlight the remarkable talents of Black women in the visual arts but also marks a significant stride towards enriching the narrative of athletics through a more inclusive lens.

Under the leadership of TrackTown USA CEO Michael Reilly, the organization is set to offer paid opportunities for Black women photographers and videographers, ensuring their pivotal roles in capturing the essence of select track and field events this summer. “The foundation laid by Black Women Photographers founder Polly Irungu is nothing short of extraordinary,” Reilly commented, highlighting the dual focus on enhancing the quality of sports coverage while diversifying the voices behind the lens. “TrackTown USA is not just supporting a mission; we are celebrating the homecoming of a visionary alumna whose work continues to inspire and propel our sport forward.”

The collaboration, now entering its third year, has previously enlisted the talents of nearly a dozen Black women photographers. Their contributions have significantly enriched the visual documentation of events such as The Prefontaine Classic, offering fresh perspectives that resonate with a wide audience, including athletes and fans alike. ALSO READ: Noah Lyles and Aleia Hobbs Clinch Victory with Personal Bests at U.S. Indoor Championships

Beth Irungu, the Executive Director of Black Women Photographers, reflected on the serendipitous journey from Polly Irungu’s early days as an intern within TrackTown USA’s digital department to this momentous partnership. “It’s a profound honor to collaborate with an organization that once opened its doors to our founder,” she stated. “This partnership not only acknowledges our mission but also celebrates the cyclical nature of opportunity and growth within the creative community.”

As the application window opens, aspiring photographers and videographers are invited to submit their portfolios through March 8 via the official website, Participants are also encouraged to share their submissions on Instagram, amplifying their work with the hashtag #BWPxTrackTown, fostering a vibrant online community of creatives.

The selection process, a collaborative effort between TrackTown USA and Black Women Photographers, promises to spotlight the most compelling and innovative visual storytellers. The content produced will not only adorn the platforms of TrackTown USA and the Pre Classic but also contribute to a more diverse and engaging narrative of the sport, celebrating the unique perspectives and talents of Black women in photography and videography.

In embracing this collaboration, TrackTown USA and Black Women Photographers are not just breaking new ground in sports coverage; they are setting a precedent for the industry, championing diversity and inclusion in a field where every snapshot and frame can tell a powerful story.

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