Douglas Forrest Invitational at Stadium East on January 13, 2024
Douglas Forrest Invitational at Stadium East on January 13, 2024

The Douglas Forrest Invitational, a highlight in the junior track and field calendar, has released its schedule for the upcoming event on Saturday, Jan 13, 2024, at Stadium East.

The competition starts at 8:30 am with the girls’ open 400m hurdles, initiating a day-long showcase of young athletic talent across various age groups and both genders. The boys’ 400m hurdles will follow, with Class 2 starting at 8:45 am and Class 1 at 9:00 am.

As the morning advances, the athletes will take on longer distances. The girls’ open 3000m is set for 9:15 am, followed by the boys’ open 5000m at 9:30 am.

The Douglas Forrest Invitational schedule then moves to the 800m races, encompassing different classes and genders, from 9:50 am to 10:40 am. These middle-distance races are known for their dynamic blend of speed and endurance.

How to watch the Douglas Forrest Live Stream? – Douglas Forrest Invitational Set For Jan 13 with Live Stream on TrackalertsTV

Later in the morning, starting at 11:00 am, the 200m sprints will captivate audiences with their high-speed action. The event will progress through various classes and genders, culminating with the boys’ Class 1 sprint at 1:00 pm.

The afternoon will see a return to middle-distance events with the 1500m races. The girls’ Class 3 race will begin at 2:00 pm, concluding with the boys’ Class 1 at 3:45 pm.

The event is scheduled to conclude with the 4X400m relays, featuring the girls’ teams at 5:15 pm and the boys’ at 5:35 pm. These races will highlight not only speed but also the critical elements of teamwork and baton passing.

Additionally, field events such as the high jump, long jump, triple jump, and shot put will take place throughout the day, offering a variety of competitions for participants and spectators alike.

Douglas Forrest Invitational Schedule 

Morning Session:

8:30 am: 400m Hurdles – Girls Open
8:45 am: 400m Hurdles – Boys Class 2
9:00 am: 400m Hurdles – Boys Class 1
9:15 am: 3000m – Girls Open
9:30 am: 5000m – Boys Open
9:50 am: 800m – Girls Class 3
10:05 am: 800m – Girls Class 2
10:10 am: 800m – Girls Class 1
10:20 am: 800m – Boys Class 3
10:30 am: 800m – Boys Class 2
10:40 am: 800m – Boys Class 1
11:00 am: 200m – Girls Class 4
11:15 am: 200m – Girls Class 3
11:30 am: 200m – Girls Class 2
11:50 am: 200m – Girls Class 1
12:10 pm: 200m – Boys Class 3
12:30 pm: 200m – Boys Class 2
1:00 pm: 200m – Boys Class 1
2:00 pm: 1500m – Girls Class 3
2:30 pm: 1500m – Girls Class 2
2:45 pm: 1500m – Girls Class 1
3:15 pm: 1500m – Boys Class 3
3:30 pm: 1500m – Boys Class 2
3:45 pm: 1500m – Boys Class 1
5:15 pm: 4X400m Relay – Girls
5:35 pm: 4X400m Relay – Boys

    8:30 am: Field Events
    High Jump – Various Classes and Genders
    Long Jump – Various Classes and Genders
    Triple Jump – Various Classes and Genders
    Shot Put – Various Classes and Genders

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