Sebastian Coe - Seb Coe meets with Taylor
Sebastian Coe - World Athletics President

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe recently focused on extending the athletic season in a bid to create more frequent competitions. His proposal involves concluding the non-Olympic season with the World Championships, a move aimed at expanding the athletics calendar and providing more opportunities for athletes to compete.

Sebastian Coe Proposes Major Changes to Athletics Calendar Amid Global Warming Concerns

In addition to this scheduling shift, Sebastian Coe discussed potential global calendar changes during a video chat, addressing the impact of global warming on marathon events. He proposed integrating the World Championships marathons with the World Marathon Majors events.

Alternatively, Sebastian Coe suggested, “maybe we can reduce the marathon to a half-marathon at the world championships.” This reflects an awareness of the need for adaptive strategies in athletics due to climate change.

Moreover, Coe brought up the idea of rescheduling the World Cross Country Championships. In discussions with European Athletics, the possibility of moving this event to before Christmas is being explored. This adjustment aims to give the indoor season more flexibility and ease scheduling for athletes and organizers.

Coe’s focus on calendar adaptation demonstrates a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the sport and its global audience.

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  1. I totally agree with the World Championships ending the season…Why do we want to be competing after the major is gone for the year? My opinion.


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