David Riley is the Competitions Director for the Wesley Powell Benjamins Meet
David Riley is the Competitions Director for the Wesley Powell Benjamins Meet

The Organizing Committee of the Wesley Powell Benjamins Track & Field Meet announced the launch of its 20th edition on Wednesday at Excelsior High School in Kingston. The event, celebrated with considerable fanfare, introduced several changes to enhance the experience for athletes and fans.

Notably, the additions include the 600m Class 4 race, the introduction of the “Winners Room”—mirroring the Q-Room from Budapest 2023—and a revised Order of Events. Under the new sponsorship of PA Benjamins, this Pre-Christmas Meet marks a special milestone in its 20-year history. Excelsior High School, which first participated in the Penn Relays in 1965, will celebrate its historic 1967 4x100m Relay team victory along with the other six members of that legendary group of ten. ALSO READ: Jamaica’s MVP Club to Host Elite Training Camps for Young Athletes in November

Keith Wellington, President of the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA), delivered the keynote address at the Launch. He discussed the “Eligibility of the Student-Athletes and ISSA’s Enforcement Mechanisms to Guarantee Fairness and Fair Play.” Emphasizing the reliance on the integrity of member schools, he highlighted that all competition entries must be signed by the school’s principal. The principal’s duty is to review the entries, often prepared by others involved in the team’s management and training.

David Riley is the Competitions Director for the Wesley Powell Benjamins Meet

The Meet, scheduled for Saturday, December 9th at Excelsior High School, starts at 8:30 am and features 71 events for primary, high school, and collegiate athletes. These events include 150m, 300m, 600m, 1000m, 3000m, 5000m, 4x300m Relay, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, and Javelin. Excelsior boasts Jamaica’s only full-size 9-lane 400m track, laid before the National Stadium’s track in 1961.

David Riley, the Competitions Director, noted that with the sport’s shift from qualifying standards to event rankings, the December meet focuses less on qualifying for Champs and more on coaches evaluating athletes’ preparation and determining necessary adjustments.

On-line registration and information at http://www.WesleyPowellMeet.com/. Admission $500.


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