In a striking showcase of athleticism and competition, the Prefontaine Classic 2023 Eugene Diamond League Final brought together some of the world’s most elite track and field athletes.

We had the privilege to catch up with several top performers who set the stage ablaze with their remarkable feats. From the sprinting dynamo Shericka Jackson to shot put marvel Ryan Crouser, each athlete offers a unique glimpse into the dedication and strategy that powers their performance.

Hailing from Jamaica, Shericka Jackson astonished the crowd with her impressive 10.70 finish in the women’s 100m race. Representing the United States, Ryan Crouser continues to dominate the shot put arena, narrowly missing the top spot to Joe Kovacs, another American athlete, 22.93m to 22.91m.

Jamaica’s Hansle Parchment, a master in 110m hurdles, finished strong with a 12.93 timing, keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats. Grant Holloway, another American talent, clocked a compelling 13.06 in the 110m hurdles for second.

Tobi Amusan from Nigeria thrilled fans with her 12.33 timing in the 100m hurdles, a performance that speaks to her rising stature in the sport.

Swedish sensation Mondo Duplantis broke new ground in the pole vault, setting an awe-inspiring world record of 6.23 meters. Athing Mu displayed immense control and speed from the middle-distance track, finishing the 800m race in 1:54.97 for a new American record.

Yet another American shining in shot put, Chase Ealey delivered a performance that commands respect. Rounding out our interviews, Valarie Allman displayed American excellence in the women’s discus event.

Each athlete, in their own right, has proven why they belong on this international stage, and they each bring an array of insights about preparation, mindset, and the nuances of elite competition. Stay tuned for our exclusive interviews to learn more about what makes these remarkable athletes tick.

Top Performers Speak: Interviews from Prefontaine Classic 2023 Eugene Diamond League Final


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