Terrence Jones ready for Budapest 23
Terrence Jones ready for Budapest 23

In a turn of events, sprinting sensation Terrence Jones Jr has seen his recent suspension overturned, prompting an outpouring of appreciation from the athlete towards his teammates and the Bahamian community for their unwavering support.

Jones, a prominent figure in the sprinting world, had initially been slapped with a three-month suspension by the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) due to alleged misconduct during the North American, Central American, and Caribbean Association (NACAC) under-18 and under-23 Championships held in San Jose, Costa Rica last month.

Jones is the Bahamas’ fastest sprinter, with a national record run of 9.91 done earlier this year. Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Steven Gardiner Lead Bahamas’ Charge for Budapest 23 Glory

Mario Bowleg, Bahamas’ Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture, confirmed the decision to lift Jones’ ban. 

“After my conversation with the president, it seems their executive team convened and decided to explore alternative avenues for addressing athlete infractions,” shared Bowleg with the Tribune. He confirmed that all suspensions have been lifted, granting athletes the green light to participate in upcoming sporting events.

When is the Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships?

The suspension reversal couldn’t have come at a more critical juncture, as it enables Jones to compete in the much-anticipated Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships scheduled to unfold in Hungary, from August 19 to 27.

In a display of unity, the Bahamian community rallied behind their 100-meter national champion, whose impressive personal best of 9.91 seconds marked him as one of the world’s fastest runners. Jones, deeply moved by the decision of the BAAA delegates to rescind his suspension, conveyed his gratitude in a heartfelt letter. 

“My heartfelt thanks extend to the BAAA Executive Board, my fellow Bahamian teammates, as well as the dedicated coaches from my club and high school who stood by me,” he penned, according to the Tribune.

Reflecting on the recent ordeal, he continued, “This experience has taught me humility and reinforced the profound passion our nation holds and the exceptional character of our people.” 

Jones affirmed his commitment to not just learn from this chapter but to channel his dedication and hard work to make his country proud.


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