Yohan Blake out of 200m semis at Oregon22

HENGELO (Netherlands) – The stage is set for an extraordinary showcase of athletic excellence at the upcoming FBK Games (WACT Gold) on June 4. The event will bring together a stellar lineup of top athletes from around the world, with Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake leading the charge in the highly anticipated 100m race.

Battle of the Titans: Makwala, Norwood, and Cherry Ready to Clash in FBK Games’ 400m Event

The men’s events will feature a fierce battle for supremacy, with Isaac Makwala, Vernon Norwood, and Michael Cherry set to go head-to-head in the thrilling 400m event. Another captivating showdown awaits in the 110m hurdles, as Grant Holloway squares off against the talented Devon Allen, both representing the United States.

The field events promise their own share of excitement, with a stellar javelin field comprising of Neeraj Chopra, Johannes Vetter, and Keshorn Walcott, all ready to unleash their throws to extraordinary distances. Pole vault sensation Mondo Duplantis and long jump prodigy JuVaughn Harrison will showcase their remarkable skills, aiming to leave a lasting impression on spectators.

On the women’s side, Dutch athletes will shine brightly in front of their home crowd. Femke Bol in the 400m, Lieke Klaver in the 200m, and Nadine Visser in the 100m hurdles are poised to deliver exceptional performances that will ignite the crowd’s enthusiasm.

The women’s 100m race will see a battle of speed among six sub-11 sprinters, with Michelle-Lee Ahye leading the pack as the fastest contender. The 1500m event promises a fascinating showdown between Sifan Hassan, fresh off her 10,000m race a day earlier, and a strong field of competitors including Melissa Courtney, Edinah Jebitok, Winnie Nanyondo, and Maureen Koster.

Nia Ali and Yaroslava Mahuchikh to Showcase Mastery in FBK Games’ Women’s Events

In addition, the women’s 100m hurdles will feature 2019 World Champion Nia Ali in the 100m hurdles, while Yaroslava Mahuchikh will lead the charge in the high jump. The shot put event will witness the impressive performances of Chase Ealey, Jessica Schilder, Danniel Thomas-Dodd, and Maggie Ewen, as they demonstrate their strength and precision.

The FBK Games in Hengelo is gearing up to be an unforgettable day of athletic brilliance, where world-class athletes will compete at the highest level, aiming to etch their names in the annals of sporting glory.


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