Organizers of the 2015 International Meeting Region de Guadeloupe, set for Saturday May 2, were forced to dismiss rumors of a cancelation.

In a letter to athletes’ representatives, the organizers made it clear that the meet, which will feature former World 100m record holder Asafa Powell and 2003 World 100m champion Kim Collins, is ready to roll for Saturday.

“Rumors are being spread today (29 April) that our meeting has been cancelled and that athletes should not participate. 

“This is far from true and we are gladly awaiting your athlete's arrival.  We are working hard to clear up any miscommunications or misunderstandings but want to ensure everyone that our meeting will be held as scheduled this weekend as we are sending out issued flight tickets for athletes’ arrival on April 29th and April 30th via charter flights from both San Juan and Santo Domingo” the letter stated.

According to the meet organizers, “we have the full support and funding of the Guadeloupe Government, our local Guadeloupe Athletics Association as well as the French Federation.”

“The people of Guadeloupe are excitedly anticipating world-class performances of your athletes,” ended the letter.


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