Yohan Blake said he is preparing well for Tokyo 2020, which will be his last Olympic Games. The 30-years-old Blake won 100m/200m silver medals at the London 2012 Games behind track and field, king Usain Bolt.

Blake finished 5th in the Doha 2019 World Championships 100m final and failed to make the medal round in the 200m. He blamed his poor semi-final run for missing a medal in the 100m.

“I ran in the semis poorly, and that cost me a better lane in the final which cost me a medal,” he told TVJ.

But going into the Tokyo 2020 Games, Blake, who said he still has what it takes to medal, said things would be different.

“I am wiser going into the Olympics, and this is going to be my last Olympic, and I am putting everything into it, but everything is coming on perfectly,” he said.

Former Jamaica representative Gregory Little now conditions Blake.

He said his new coach “has formulated a plan for me, and it has been working perfectly.”
Blake was quoted by the Jamaican Star, saying, “going to over distance and getting back my 200m means that I will be getting back to 9.8 and 9.7, which I know I can.”

The Deagu 2011 World 100m champion has a personal best of 9.69 done in 2012

“I have experience working with him, he knows what he is doing, and he is very educated in the sport,” Blake said of Little.

He also said when he ran 19.26, the second-fastest time ever over 200m, “Gregory was the one out there working with me.”

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  1. Why don’t u go and try to run half of the race he ran. Leave the dam guy alone, uno too ungreatful. Look how much race he won back then, even win Bolt in 100m and 200m. It’s not easy getting injured and comes back fully strong.

  2. @Mary Henry-Mohammed only losers go in with the mindset that they can’t do something, he just need to lose weight, about then lbs, anything is possible, it worry me if he had a personality to think he can’t do.

  3. You are a great athlete and shadowed by BOLT who is my favourite too …it are the specialist in 200 ….go for record blake…you can actually ..review ur 2012 video..amazing man ..I keep watching it each time

  4. Well, I don’t know about all that Blake. At the world championships at Doha, your performance wasn’t up to par and didn’t bring home a medal for Jamaica okay. So will see this year at the Olympics.

  5. I’m a fan, but I’ve got to say you’re a bit too verbal now a days. It makes me wonder who are you trying to convince; us or yourself? As someone said before; humble yourself, put in the work and make your point on the track. We know you have the potential to be great.

  6. Amazing athlete.The only thing that is limiting you now and may limit you this year is that you are pretty much sprinting on one leg.Your bicep femores will never be as strong as it used to be when your were getting close to world record times.But let’s see,I think 9.85 is highly possible.


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