Varsity Stadium

A brand new Mondo surface has been installed at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Stadium ahead of the NACAC Track & Field Championships.

Below is a look at the current stadium records. The question is not how many new marks will be established, but how many of these will still be standing once the Championships are over.


100m 10.00 Usain Bolt Jamaica 2009
200m 20.66 Jared Connaughton PEI 2010
400m 44.83 Lashawn Merritt USA 2009
800m 1:45.73 Khadevis Robinson USA 2009
1500m 3:38.68 Nate Brannen Canada 2012
5000m 13:22.70 Saif Shaheen Qatar 2009
10000m 28:49.25 Simon Bairu Queen City Striders 2010
110m hurdles 13.67 Damian Warner London Western TC 2013
400m hurdles 50.94 Gabriel El Hanbli Lanaudiere Olympique 2010
3000m s/c 8:32.87 Robin Watson Speed River TC 2009
High jump 2m33 Derek Drouin Canada 2013
Pole vault 5m40 Jason Wurster UTTC 2010
Long jump 7.63 Brian Chibudu Ottawa Lions 2009
Triple jump 15.29 David St. Bernard York University TC 2009
Shot put 21.23 Dylan Armstrong Canada 2011
Discus 56.14 Jason Tunks London Western TC 2009
Javelin 84.81 Scott Russell Canada 2011
Hammer 73m36 James Steacy Chinook TC 2009
4 x 100m relay 40.45 Oakland College, USA 2013
4 x 400m relay 3:20.61 Father Henry Carr 2014


100m 11.34 Miana Griffiths Canada 2012
200m 23.22 Adrienne Power Halifax Tigers 2009
400m 51.44 Shana Cox USA 2009
800m 2:00.84 Melissa Bishop Canada 2013
1500m 4:08.34 Kate Van Buskirk Canada 2013
5000m 15:50.35 Tara Quinn-Smith Brooks Marathon Project 2009
10000m 33:07.62 Adriana Fernandez Mexico 2008
100m hurdles 12.72 Perdita Felicien Nike 2010
400m hurdles 55.96 Noelle Montcalm Canada 2013
3000m s/c 10:13.04 Dana Buchanan Speed River T & F 2010
High jump 1m91 Amy Acuff USA 2009
Pole vault 4m50 Jenn Suhr USA 2011
Long jump 6m64 Ruky Abdulai B.C. Athletics 2009
Triple jump 13.94 Tabia Charles Elite Edge 2010
Shot put 17.34 Brittany Crew YUTC 2016
Discus 51.64 Brittany Crew YUTC 2016
Javelin 54m76 Elizabeth Gleadle B.C. Athletics 2009
Hammer 71m89 Sultana Frizell Ottawa Lions T & F 2010
4 x 100m relay 46.35 Holmwood Tech, Jamaica 2013
4 x 400m relay 3:53.08 Birchmount Park 2014


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