Jamaican Javon Francis and Deon Lendore of Trinidad and Tobago were winners at today’s (30 July) Back to the Track Series II in Prairie View, Texas.

Lendore clocked 45.65 to beat Aldrich Bailey, 46.93 in the men’s 400m.

Francis’ victory, 20.66 (2.6m/s wind) got the better of Elijah Hall 20.75 in the men’s 200m dash.

American Natasha Hastings was the best in women sprints. She won the 100m in 11.46 ahead of Candyce McGrone, 11.54 and Tobi Amusan, 11.80.

In the women’s 200m, Hastings topped the field in 23.35 ahead of McGrone, 23.36 and Olivia Baker, 24.17 (3.0m/s wind).

Kenyan 800m runner Michael Saruni won the 600m in 1:18.06. Olivia Baker was the next best woman with 1:27.24.

Cordero Gray topped the 60m in 6.63 (+2.4), Elijah Hall the 100m 10.20 (+2.5), in other race Bryce Robinson 10.26 (+2.5).

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