DeAndre Watkin of Jamaica College ran 10.61 to win the U20 boys’ 100m final on Saturday’s second day of Jamaica’s Carifta Games Trials at the National Stadium.

Event 2  Boys 17-19 100 Meter Dash UNDER 20
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind
  1 Watkin, DeAndre           02 Jamaica College          10.61   1.9
  2 Scott, Raheim             02 Ruseas High School       10.69   1.9
  3 Williams, Shakur          01 Meadowbrook              10.73   1.9
  4 Dennis, Sachin            02 Steths                   10.76   1.9
  5 Thompson, Kishane         01 Garvey Maceo High        10.76   1.9
  6 Thomas, Javari            01 St Jago High             10.84   1.9

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By Anthony Foster

Is a two-time Jamaica sports journalist of the year (2004 and 2005) and world-renowned journalist. One of his award-winning articles was on Usain Bolt, 6-time Olympic champion, 11-time World champion and sprint double record holder, was published in the Jamaica Gleaner in 2004. Anthony has covered Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016; Six (6) IAAF World Athletics Championships between 2007 and 2019 and several other international sporting events, including the 2007 World Cup of cricket and his favourite football team, Argentina vs the USA in 2004.

24 thoughts on “CARIFTA Trials VIDEO: DeAndre Watkin wins U20 100m final”
  1. @KoolKaiser i see u in a lot of track related videos and i believe you have great knowledge for the sport…was just asking if u were aware of tyreke Wilson who runs a 10.1 in the 100m but for some reason is at a community college in the US…do u happen to know why? Because hes capable of running for a NCAA D1 school on a full ride scholarship why choose a community college??…was just a question on my mind sorry to bother you

  2. @Things i like! No sheep..YOU are the one talking like you know him…Have i made any claims about him? no…Since you did so much homework why cant you tell me what makes it a fact?

  3. @Things i like! it is a known fact? You sound pretty stupid to me…Its people like you who fall for the simplest of things and are easily lead astray…People started a rumor and because he did not come forward to deny it then that made it a fact? There is more evidence pointing toward the falsehood of those claims than its legitimacy…You are but a sheep that heard the gossip and went along with it without looking into anything for yourself…Sachin Dennis has not said anything at all publicly for over a year…What makes you think that was the thing he was quiet about? Maybe he was just being quiet period? Think and dont be a sheep.

  4. @KoolKaiser A persons towards a situation says it all. It is a known fact that he was being groomed for another country. He did not come forword to deny what was said.

  5. I wondered what happened to Michali Everett bcuz he’s the main man since Raheim Robertson left. Watkin was a surprise though.. Yh his time wasn’t fast based on former carifta times in this event BUT the fact stil remain this was an upset .. Many didn’t have him in d mix.. Watkin gave dem a wake up call 4 champs.

  6. annmarie clarke all of you is talking about Watkins as if his time is that fast come on, at champs we all will see, sachin Dennis will be just fine remember he ran 10:46 in the heat , did u all hear his interview on the radio he said see me at champs with a laugh Watkins just made a little noice because he beat sachin Dennis now everybody is talk about him. Hope he can do four rounds at champs happy for him but still not impressed, if he did ran 10:25 or 10:30 then I would think different of him,

  7. 1st & 2nd are first year cl1athletes. I believe Watkins ran the 400m at the u18 Nacac last year.this race was made for JC,there main man Everett didn’t qualify because of his time although he won his heats and Andre Bent non started.

  8. Yow people relax sachin Dennis will be just fine , come at champs he going kill them all he is just getting back to his best , remember he ran 10:46 in the heats trust me all of u will see at champs

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