The fast-spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) has struck a massive blow in Jamaica, leading to the cancellation of the annual Boys and Girls Athletics Championships – Champs.

Several sporting events around the world have been cancelled or postponed because of the virus.

So far, over 125,632 cases detected worldwide and 4,607 deaths. Jamaica, on Tuesday, recorded one case.

“This was not a decision taken lightly,” said ISSA President, Keith Wellington. “We have been watching the developments with COVID-19 keenly, with a view to making the right decision should it ever-present here. Now that it is here, and the Health Ministry is discouraging mass gatherings, we feel strongly that this is the best decision,” he added.

The year 1944 was the only other recorded year Champs was cancelled, due to the world war.

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  1. It was a hard deceision i believe, but a wise one. Safety first. Foreigners come to champs, along with media reporters, it not only Jamaicans go to champs. Interest groups who want to buy athletes for colleges abroad would have been there too. I am so disappointed that this measure have to be taken, but i believe it is wise one as said before.
    Are watching the speed of Corona?
    Seems that it is going for the World Championship?


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