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LONDON, Great Britain – Usain Bolt was as confident as ever when meeting the media at his official press briefing in London.

Asked what would happen if he loses, as he endeavours to bow out in style at the World Championships, the 11-time world champion responded:

“It’s not going to happen so we won’t have that problem. The last race I ran was a 9.95, which shows I’m going in the right direction. I’m going forward. I’m not worried. It’s a championship. It’s a final. It’s all about who can keep their nerves. I’ve been here many times, it’s all about who can keep their nerve.”

Also among the highlights was his response on doping: “Personally, I think it went there after the scandal on Russia. It can’t get worse than that, it’s on its way up again. Hopefully athletes will understand if they don’t stop what they’re doing, the sport will die.”


By Alfonz Juck (eme news)

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