IAAF World Indoor Tour

MONACO (MON) – In an effort to increase flexibility and redefine the boundaries of outdoor and indoor athletics, World Athletics is planning to replace the term ‘indoor’ with ‘short track’ for events and performances set on a 200m track. Traditionally, these events have been staged indoors, but the new terminology aims to accommodate various settings for the 200m tracks.

The proposed changes will affect not only the terminology but also the official recognition of records. World Athletics intends to modify the list of officially recognized events for world record purposes, eliminating indoor world records for field events and renaming track disciplines from ‘indoor’ to ‘short track.’

To implement this innovative approach, detailed rule changes will be formally approved at the World Athletics Council meeting in Budapest in August. The intention is to align the classification of events with the competition facility rather than the environment, allowing for greater adaptability and diversity in the world of athletics.


By Alfonz Juck (eme news)

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