The inaugural Aliann Pompey Invitational got a passing grade from athletes.

The meet was held at the Leonora Stadium in West Coast of Demerara, Guyana on June 18.

American Philippe DeRosier, who won the men’s 100m final in 10.25 ahead of Trinidad and Tobago’s, Kyle Greaux and Bermudian Tre Houston, both posting 10.28, had high praises for the meet.

“Incredible atmosphere,” commented DeRosier. “Beautiful people, the track is very nice, this can turn out to be a really world class meet,” he added. “I am really impressed with the track, I think it has a little push in it, and I’m glad I came.”

Greaux declared, “the atmosphere is nice, the crowd is good, the weather is good, and the track very fast. I love it in Guyana, so I am looking forward to come back.”

Tawanna Meadows of USA, third place finisher in the women’s 100m in 11.37, spoke of the crowd support. “The crowd was amazing, first time in Guyana and I hope I will be back next year,” she said while adding her “great track” comment.

US Virgin Islands’, Lavern Jones-Ferette, also gave her impression of the meeting, adding, “I think it was great. The meet overall was a very good showing. The spectators are very polite and respectful


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