Brianna Lyston Showcases Speed with 22.46w Brianna Lyston Showcases Speed with 22.46w in Gainesville in Gainesville
Brianna Lyston Showcases Speed with 22.46w at Tom Jones Memorial in Gainesville

The Tom Jones Memorial held at Percy Beard Track in Gainesville, FL, witnessed some remarkable performances, notably from Brianna Lyston and Courtney Lindsey.

19-year-old Lyston, competing in the Women’s 200m Invitational, clocked an impressive 22.46 seconds in windy conditions, while Lindsey dazzled in the Men’s 200m Olympic Development race with a standout time of 19.88 seconds.

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Brianna Lyston Showcases Speed with 22.46w at Tom Jones Memorial in Gainesville

Lyston’s performance was a highlight among a competitive field where McKenzie Long from Ole Miss took the lead with a wind-assisted 22.18 seconds. Following closely were JaMeesia Ford from South Carolina and Kaila Jackson from Georgia, adding to the event’s excitement with times of 22.41 and 22.51 seconds respectively.

Meanwhile, Courtney Lindsey’s performance was unmatched in the men’s category, where Tarsis Orogot from Alabama also impressed with a personal best of 19.90 seconds. The high-level competition continued with athletes like Cheickna Traore and Robert Gregory also delivering notable times.

In field events, Dylan Targgart led the Men’s Shot Put with a throw of 20.45 meters, while Jalani Davis dominated the Women’s Shot Put, marking a distance of 18.48 meters. The hurdles events saw exceptional timings as well, with Chris Robinson from Alabama and Savannah Sutherland from Michigan setting personal bests in their respective 400m hurdles races.

Selected Tom Jones Memorial Results

Women’s 200m Invitational:

  1. McKenzie Long (Ole Miss): 22.18 seconds (4.1 m/s)
  2. JaMeesia Ford (South Carolina): 22.41 seconds (4.1 m/s)
  3. Brianna Lyston (LSU): 22.46 seconds (3.1 m/s)
  4. Kaila Jackson (Georgia): 22.51 seconds (4.1 m/s)

Women’s 200m Olympic Development:

  1. Favour Ofili (Nigeria): 22.33 seconds (1.4 m/s)
  2. Anavia Battle (ADIDAS): 22.56 seconds (1.4 m/s)
  3. Ida Karstoft (Arctic Approach Management): 22.60 seconds (1.4 m/s)
  4. Finette Agyapong (ADIDAS): 23.06 seconds (1.4 m/s)

Men’s 200m Invitational:

  1. Tarsis Orogot (Alabama): 19.90 seconds (1.9 m/s) – Personal Best
  2. Cheickna Traore (Penn State): 20.25 seconds (1.9 m/s)
  3. Jordan Ware (Miss State): 20.29 seconds (1.8 m/s)
  4. Robert Gregory (Florida): 20.29 seconds (1.6 m/s)

Men’s 200m Olympic Development:

  1. Courtney Lindsey (Nike): 19.88 seconds (1.6 m/s)
  2. Joseph Fahnbulleh (Asics): 20.06 seconds (1.6 m/s)
  3. Xie Zhenye (Chinese Athletic Association): 20.15 seconds (1.6 m/s)
  4. Jereem Richards (ADIDAS): 20.35 seconds (1.6 m/s)
  5. Michael Ohioze (Cique Elite): 20.42 seconds (1.0 m/s)

Men’s Shot Put Invitational:

  1. Dylan Targgart (South Carolina): 20.45 meters
  2. Christopher Licata (South Carolina): 20.40 meters
  3. Tarik Robinson-O’Hagan (Ole Miss): 20.16 meters

Women’s Shot Put Invitational:

  1. Jalani Davis (Ole Miss): 18.48 meters
  2. Daniel Thomas-Dodd (Jamaica): 18.01 meters
  3. Alida Van Daalen (Florida): 17.86 meters

Men’s 400m Hurdles Invitational:

  1. Chris Robinson (Alabama): 47.95 seconds – Personal Best
  2. Clement Ducos (Tennessee): 48.26 seconds
  3. Nathaniel Ezekiel (Baylor): 48.29 seconds – Personal Best

Women’s 400m Hurdles Invitational:

  1. Savannah Sutherland (Michigan): 54.86 seconds
  2. Rachel Glenn (Arkansas): 54.91 seconds – Personal Best
  3. Kyla Robinson-Hubbard (Tennessee): 55.98 seconds

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