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Adidas has proposed a significant investment of JMD 5.9 billion into Jamaica’s track and field program, as first reported by Nationwide Radio. This funding aims to enhance the country’s sports facilities and support its athletes, building on Jamaica’s renowned track and field achievements.

This offer from Adidas is reminiscent of a similar proposal in 2014, which was not accepted by the then-administration led by Warren Blake. The refusal sparked considerable discussion about what might have been.

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Today, under the leadership of Garth Gayle at the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA), the new offer cannot be openly discussed due to existing sponsorship contracts, as noted by the Jamaica Observer.

According to the Observer, Adidas has crafted an eight-year offer, effective January 2025, comprising US$22.2 million ($3.4 billion) in cash and an additional US$16.6 million ($3.4 billion) in products, totaling a US$38.8 million ($5.9 billion) investment, or US$4.85 million ($749 million) per year.

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There’s also a proposed 10 percent royalty bonus per year from sales of Adidas apparel.

The investment from Adidas promises significant financial rewards for athletes who excel at major competitions. For example, an Olympic gold medal could result in a bonus of USD 25,000 (JMD 3,674,000), a silver USD 15,000 (JMD 2,205,000), and a bronze USD 10,000 (JMD 1,470,000). Slightly lower bonuses are also planned for the World Championships.

This funding plan aims to not only reward current athletes but also support the next generation, ensuring a continued strong presence of Jamaican athletes on the global stage. Bonuses are also proposed for those competing in the World Juniors and World Relays.

Proposed bonuses for World Championships medals are as follows:

  • Gold medal: USD 15,000 or JMD 2,205,000
  • Silver medal: USD 10,000 or JMD 1,470,000
  • Bronze medal: USD 8,000 or JMD 1,176,000

For medals won at the World Juniors and World Relays, the proposed bonuses are:

  • Gold medal: USD 7,500 or JMD 1,102,500
  • Silver medal: USD 5,000 or JMD 735,000
  • Bronze medal: USD 2,000 or JMD 294,000

As discussions continue, the JAAA remains bound by its existing contracts, and the sports community in Jamaica eagerly awaits to see if this proposal will be accepted, potentially enhancing the legacy of Jamaican athletics.

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