Shaiqunn Dunn's Double Victory Steals the Spotlight at PUREWATER/JC Invitational
Shaiqunn Dunn's Double Victory Steals the Spotlight at PUREWATER/JC Invitational

Shaiqunn Dunn from Jamaica College emerged as a double winner, highlighting the field events segment of Saturday’s (6 Jan) PUREWATER/JC/R. Danny William Invitational Track and Field Development Meet at Ashenheim Stadium – Jamaica College in Kingston.

Shaiqunn Dunn Leads Field Events with Impressive Throws

Shaiqunn Dunn dominated the Class 1 boys discus with a leading throw of 58.28 meters, outperforming his teammate Delangelo Jackson, who threw 52.65 meters, and Chad Hendricks from Munro College, who marked 49.41 meters.
In the shot put, Shaiqunn Dunn, who previously attended St. Jago, again led the field in the Class 1 boys category with a throw of 18.49 meters, while Jaylon Calder, another athlete from Jamaica College, followed with 17.01 meters.

On the track, Theianna-Lee Terrelonge and Kemarrio Bygrave Shine with record marks

Other notable performances included Deandre Henry from Calabar High School, who topped the Class 2 boys discus with a throw of 49.72 meters.

In the girls’ categories, Able Mills from St Catherine won the Class 1 discus with 42.25 meters, and Jada Francis from Immaculate secured first place in the Class 2 girls’ discus with 41.89 meters. Jamie Lee Tulloch from Immaculate led the Class 3 girls’ discus with 35.94 meters.

In the javelin, Zoelle Jamel from Immaculate triumphed in the girls’ open category with a throw of 41.50 meters, while Lebron James from Jamaica College won the boys’ open category with an impressive 62.01 meters.

The triple jump saw Chavez Penn from Jamaica College taking the top spot in the Class 1 boys’ event with a jump of 15.27 meters. Sabrina Atkinson from Hydel High School led the girls’ triple jump open with a distance of 12.15 meters.
In the long jump events, Jaidi James from Jamaica College won the Class 1 boys with 7.05 meters, while Chloe Palmer from STETHS dominated the Class 1 girls long jump with 5.95 meters.

The high jump saw Maurace Johnson from St Jago Boys winning the Class 1 boys high jump event with 1.95 meters and Asia McKay from Edwin Allen leading the Class 2 girls with 1.71 meters.

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