Alpheus Finlayson
Alpheus Finlayson

Prominent track and field supporter, broadcaster, and ex-head of the Bahamas Amateur Athletic Association (BAAA), Alpheus Finlayson, passed away at 76, soon after his wife, Dawn, died.

Born in the Bahamas’ capital, Finlayson developed his love for running while attending St Augustine’s College. Known by the moniker “Hawk,” a name he picked as a young athlete, Finlayson became an influential figure in athletics. He co-led the St. John’s University Track Team and assumed leadership roles in regional athletic bodies, including the Central American and Caribbean Athletic Confederation.

Trailblazing Track and Field Advocate Alpheus Finlayson

He achieved a milestone in 1992 when, under his BAAA presidency, Bahamian triple jumper Frank Rutherford secured the country’s first-ever track and field Olympic medal. Finlayson also led the organization when the Bahamas won its initial three World Championship medals in 1995 and 1997.

Adding to his legacy, Finlayson was the inaugural Bahamian to serve on the IAAF’s 27-member Council, the global governing authority for track and field. He is also an inductee into the National Sports Hall of Fame.

Besides his sports accomplishments, he authored a best-selling book chronicling Bahamian track and field history and contributed to media through columns, TV, and radio shows. Additionally, he was a financial services representative at Colina Insurance. READ: Track World with Alpheus Finlayson debuts on ZNS TV13

Numerous individuals from various walks of life have expressed their admiration and respect for Finlayson online.

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