Carey McLeod Claims Gold as Jamaican Athletes Shine in NCAA Division 1 Championships
Carey McLeod Claims Gold as Jamaican Athletes Shine in NCAA Division 1 Championships

AUSTIN, Texas – Jamaican athletes showcased their exceptional talent and prowess by claiming the top three men’s long jump spots in the NCAA Division 1 Championships held at the Mike A. Myers Stadium. The dominating performance by Carey McLeod, Wayne Pinnock, and Jordan Turner demonstrated the strength of Jamaica’s track and field community on the international stage.

Carey McLeod, a senior representing Arkansas, soared to victory with an impressive leap of 8.26 meters, propelled by a favorable wind of +1.3 meters per second. Not only did McLeod’s jump secure first place in the competition, but it also marked a season’s best for him and set a new facility record. This outstanding achievement further solidifies his reputation as one of the top athletes in collegiate track and field.

Not far behind, Wayne Pinnock, also hailing from Arkansas, showcased his remarkable abilities as a sophomore with a notable jump of 8.15 meters (26-9). With the same advantageous wind conditions of +1.3 meters per second, Pinnock claimed the second spot in the championships, further contributing to Jamaica’s dominance in this event.

The Jamaican trio’s stronghold continued as former Calabar High student Jordan Turner, a freshman representing Kentucky, secured the third position with a jump of 8.13 meters. Although facing a slightly lower wind reading of +1.1 meters per second, Turner’s performance impressed onlookers and demonstrated the wealth of talent within Jamaica’s track and field community.

The competition was fierce throughout, with athletes pushing the boundaries of their abilities. Malcolm Clemons, a sophomore from Florida, put forth a commendable effort, achieving a jump of 8.07 meters with a favorable wind of +0.4 meters per second. Clemons’ personal best jump highlighted the intense competitiveness and high standard of performance in the NCAA Division 1 Championships.


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