Candice McLeod 2nd at Ostrava Golden Spike
Candice McLeod 2nd at Ostrava Golden Spike

ZAGREB – Organisers of the Hanzekovic Memorial, a World Athletics Continental Tour Gol, in Zagreb on September 11 are planning attacks on meet records at 400-meters hurdles and 400 meters by women.

In the hurdles, the goal is to improve on 54.14 seconds, with good chances for European medalists Viktoriya Tkachuk and Anna Ryzhykova, plus world finalist sixth-placer Rushell Clayton and Commonwealth Games winner Janieve Russell.

In the 400 meters, world bronze medalist Sada Williams from Barbados will run against world relay silver medalist and individual finalist Candice McLeod from Jamaica and multiple relay world and Olympic medalist Stephanie-Ann McPherson, also fifth at the World Championships.

Here, the goal is to break 50.08 seconds.

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