Hansle Parchment created perhaps the biggest upset of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games so far 0- Caribbean Games
Hansle Parchment created perhaps the biggest upset of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games so far

At its urgently called meeting on Friday, 6 May 2022, the CANOC Executive Board received important updates on the Caribbean Games President Brian Lewis, Secretary General Keith Joseph and President of the Organizing Committee, Alain SOREZE.

The most critical announcement is that, with only two (2) months before the start of the Games, two venues’ owners have cancelled their provision of the competition sites: Region Guadeloupe for track cycling and the City of Baie-Mahault for athletics and netball.

However, quick action on the part of the leadership of CANOC and CROSGUA led to replacement venues for netball and athletics, thanks to the municipal authorities of Le Gosier and Petit-Bourg. Athletics will now be staged at the Roger Zami Stadium in Le Gosier, which has a new 6-lane track. The Netball competition will be held at the Laura Flessel Sports Center in Petit-Bourg, the same sports complex where the Caribbean Games E-sport series will be contested.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative venue for track cycling. The Executive Committee accepted the recommendation to cancel the track cycling competition and leave only road cycling among the competitions of the Games.

At the press conference on 4 May 2022, the President of CANOC warmly thanked the mayors of Les Abymes and Le Gosier, Eric Jalton and Cedric Conet, for their commitment to supporting the Caribbean Games 2022.

“50 days away from the 1st Caribbean Games, scheduled from 29 June to 3 July 2022, the organising committee is counting on the mobilisation of volunteers, sponsors, and the support of local and state authorities that have expressed their commitment, to offer the Caribbean Youth this moment of history, celebration, and sports competitions”, declared President Alain SOREZE.

CANOC has scheduled a special meeting of its membership via Zoom for 6.00 pm tomorrow, Tuesday 10 May, to discuss the challenges still confronting the Games preparation exercise. However, the CANOC Executive remains firm in its resolve to have the Games,’ Against All Odds’.

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