Beijing Caribbean Chase1. Darryl Brown (TTO) became the youngest ever male Medallist, when at 16 years 305 days he anchored His country’s men's 4x100m team to silver at the 2001 edition in Edmonton, Canada. 

2. Yohan Blake (JAM) is the youngest ever men's 100m champion. Blake won the 2011 title in Daegu, South Korea in 9.92 seconds at 21 years 245 days to break the previous record held by Carl Lewis (USA) following his victory at the first World Champs in 1983. In Helsinki, Finland. Jamaican-born Linford Christie ( GBR) is the oldest champion to date when at 33 days 135 days he won the 1993 title in Stuggart, Germany.

3. Kirani James (GRN) is youngest ever 400m champion at 18 years 363 days. James was two days shy of his 19th Birthdayday, when he won the 2011 title in Daegu, South Korea. He also became the youngest ever medalist in the event.

4. Ryan Brathwaite (BAR) is the youngest ever men's 110m hurdles champion. Brathwaite was 21 years 75 days when he raced to gold in 2009 in Berlin, Germany. 

5. Jehue Gordon (TTO) is the youngest ever men's 400 hurdles gold medallist.  At 21 years 243 days Gordon won the 2013 title in a Moscow, Russia, breaking the previous record by T&T-born American Kerron Clement by 10 days.Gordon also holds the record as the youngest finalist when he was fourth in event in 2009, Berlin, Germany at 17 years 246 days. He is also the youngest competitor (17 years 243 days) when he ran in the heats. 

6. Timothy Mullings (BAH) is the oldest ever gold medallist in the men's 4x400m. Mullings was 35 years 51 days when he helped Bahamas to victory in 2001 in Edmonton, Canada. Bahamas had originally crossed the line in second behind the USA but were later elevated to the top spot following the disqualification of the Americans. 

7. Darryl Brown (TTO) is the youngest ever men's 100m medallist (and finalist).  Brown won silver in 2003 in Paris, France at 18 years 318 days. He eclipsed the previous barrier held by Dwaine Chambers (GBR) when the Briton was third in 1999 in Seville, Spain. 

8. Kim Collins (SKN) is the oldest ever men's 100m medallist (and finalist) In Daegu, South Korea.  Collins finished third at 35 years 145 days. The Kittitian is set to establish a new record as the oldest competitor if he competes in the heats in  Beijing on Sat 22 August,  when he will be 40 years 140 days.

9. James Beckford (JAM) is the youngest ever medallist in the men's long jump. Beckford was 20 years 215 days when he leapt to silver (8.30m) in 1995 in Gotenburg, Sweden. 

10.  Usain Bolt (JAM) is the youngest ever men's 200m finalist. Bolt was 18 years 355 days (ten days short of his 19th birthday) when he crossed the lined in eighth in the 2005 finals in Helsinki, Finland. 

11. Danny Mc Farlane (JAM) is the oldest ever finalist in the men's 400m hurdles when at 37 years 185 days he was sixth in the finals in 2009 in Berlin, Germany. He is also the oldest ever competitor. 

12. Renny Quow (TTO) is the youngest ever finalist in the men's 4x400m relay. At 17 years 354 days, Quow ran on TTO's team in the finals in 2005 in Helsinki, Finland.  

13. Darren Tuitt (Montserrat) is the youngest ever competitor in the  men's 100m when at 15 years 153 days he represented his territory in the heats in 1995 in Gotenburg, Sweden. (This record is likely to go unbroken, as the IAAF has since imposed a lower age limit of 16 years for all competitors). 

14. Bermudan-born Troy Douglas (NED) is the oldest medallist in the history of the championships. At 40 years 274 days he was part of the Netherlands' 4x100m relay team which finished third in 2003 in Paris, France. Douglas is also the oldest medalist and finalist ever in the event. He also holds the record as the oldest competitor ever in the men's 100m (38 years 248 days-2001, Edmonton, Canada) and the 200m (40 years 270 days-2003, Paris, France).


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