On Monday, the Jamaica Observer reported "Ascot's principal plans to bar Carifta star from Champs" but that did not go down well with track & field fans.

Many track & field fans took to Trackalerts.Com's facebook page to voice their disapproval of such decision.

The Observer sub-headline ‘Wickidniss!’ went on to state Sixteen-year-old Vashon McCarthy|, who was born when Ascot was formed in 1997 in Portmore, became a phenom last year when he won the school's first gold medal at Champs, capturing the Class Two shot put title with a throw of 16.25m.

But after his parents solicited the assistance of renowned field events coach Michael Vassell, who coaches at Excelsior High School, prior to the Carifta Games last year, the school apparently decided that he cannot represent them because he doesn't have a coach at the school.

Below are the unedited comments from Trackalerts.Com's facebook page in the order they were received while link here for full Observer story.

Junior Nicholas: "Sure say some other schools wanted him last year but that's what he got for loyalty to Ascot

Delroy Trackstar Nelson: "crap that so what. the young man saw it fit to seek the experts help in correctly owning his talent and bettering his chances of making the event his bread and butter in the future…. narrow minded ppl smh

Tia-maria Jahbless: "OMG wat a wicked Principal, depriving the young youth!! A one more gun man dem want…think twice before u do dat..God given talent, don't take it away from him, sad move.


Berto Hyatt: "Pretty childish stance from a non relevant school…smh

David Anthony Ormsby: "Rubbish this…..no all principal a play politics with ppl life and career….kmt….not cool

Shevii Jam Yard Nembhard: "smh crap that… but them ago bawl when next year him move go one next school go gi them his talent.. who knows the youth can be the next world record holder in the discuss some time in the future… Ascot ago miss him when him change school september.

Ryon Reid: "didnt expect this from a principal at all. cant be stopping the dream of a young star on the rise just wrong.

Miguel Ecneps: "Need to hear the other side of the story because this could not be the ONLY reason or any reason why a SOBER school administrator would bar a student from the opportunity to showcase his talent. Please find a way to get the administrators' side of the story so we can make informed comments.

Nellesha Simpson: "this simply means its all about the school and not in favor of the athlete………….selfish principal. I would move my child and wish ascot farewell.

Slim Baker: "Can't he enter the event if he wants unattached?

Veronica Krystal Pinnock: "No that's Champs you have to go under a school name your school to be exact Slim Baker

Sophia Samuda: "I believe he can circumvent all of this ISSA can get involved and as long his grades are good. He should be fine

Claudette Collins-broderick: "Kmt

Stewart Spencer: "Whaat unadulterrated rubbish. This is why you get revolusions when those in authority abuse their power. This must be challenged in the courts.

Latoya Duhaney: "I would transfer him from that school. how is a school going to sacrifice the athlete that have them their first medal because of politics. this is because the coach at Ascot wants the line light.

Howard Fearon: "Fire the Principal for the mere thought of this.Stupid!

Oswald Hutchinson: "I am not aware of the rules so far as this is concerned but if the money used to fund his training did not come from the school nor was he preparing for an event representing the school, where's the problem? He was preparing to represent the nation at CARIFTA when he employed a coach outside the school, wouldn't that be to the school's benefit as they did not fund the advanced preparation? I don't understand. That principal got his name and school in the headlines real cheap by making a victim of an honorable student…that must be the only reason for his actions if these reported circumstances are accurate.

Paul Mc: "i think the school is so dumb waht kind a decision that kmt

Wayne Hewitt: "Well he doesnt need the school's blessing for Carifta Games so he needs to ensure that he shows up for the Carifta trials …. he can also go to the JAAA development meets unattached …. i can promise you a talent scout from one of those US University or UTEC or UWI will see his talent and push his career …. every door that closes, another will open …. i wish him well ….

Lemaitre Razar: "him fi switch school and make them guh suck them ma!

Shaun Whyte: "This is sad for this poor young man.

Paula Wright: "Ridiculous….

Desna Simpson: "Some principal just don't make it all his mom needs 2 do is just xfr him 2 next school kmt.

Desna Simpson: "So ppl just can't handle success

Alex Moulinrouge-Konvict Levy: "mi nuh support this at all, i train with this dude and he has alot of potential and trains very hard!

Alex Moulinrouge-Konvict Levy: "if his coach isnt capable of getting him to his best y cant he use another?


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