Sha’Carri Richardson made it clear she will not get distracted by Sunday’s (23 May) Gateshead Diamond League defeat by Dina Asher-Smith.

Richardson, who won her heat in 11.52 (-4.2 m/s), returned with 11.44 to Asher-Smith’s 11.35 (-3.1m/s wind) in the final.

“This will not be the last time that I am going to line up against these ladies. I want the world to know and the ladies to know that I am here to compete just as well as they have done for many years.

Richardson, who ran 10.72, 10.74 and 10.77 in her races before today, warned: “I am here to show them what I am good at.”

Sunday’s final was in the pouring rain and strong headwind. Asher-Smith got a fast start and held her form to cross the line for a comfortable victory. Richardson never put up any serious challenge.

Richardson, however, said she is happy with the day’s work.

“I am happy with my race,” she said. “I need to go back and work on what I need to get better at.

The American now turns her attention to Doha. She will face Elaine Thompson-Herah, who pulled out of Gateshead, and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

“I am definitely looking forward to some sunshine next week in Doha,” she said.

Fraser-Pryce finished 4th in 11.51, just behind Ta Lou at 11.48.


By Anthony Foster

Is a two-time Jamaica sports journalist of the year (2004 and 2005) and world-renowned journalist. One of his award-winning articles was on Usain Bolt, 6-time Olympic champion, 11-time World champion and sprint double record holder, was published in the Jamaica Gleaner in 2004. Anthony has covered Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016; Six (6) IAAF World Athletics Championships between 2007 and 2019 and several other international sporting events, including the 2007 World Cup of cricket and his favourite football team, Argentina vs the USA in 2004.

144 thoughts on “Sha’Carri Richardson says she is here to stay”
  1. A just yesterday I’m hearing about her…no…I was reading about her…I was saying to myself why is this girl so cocky…base on her interview and the way she answered the questions and the reporters….she just turn pro…and haven’t run or win that much races and is so hype…smh….guess she was brought back from her glory land today….

    1. Melvin Williams dwl…dwl….really you call me a hater…come on….I’m a sport person..I want you to listen or read her interviews….and be honest…she was hype…if my opinion is wrong I humble apologize

    2. Eric Johnson Sr. Honestly it don’t have nothing to do with where you’re from ,race or skin color…she lost recently and she wasn’t sportsman like to congratulate the winner…guess what she did…as we Jamaica would say…she take wen urself…Shelly came 4th and she congratulate everyone…guess what…she got a rude awaken …Has I said before if I wrong about her been extra hype…My humble apology

    3. Patricia Boone …I took your advice and looked back on the race…she apology…honestly you can’t judge someone base on one occurrence…to say quick to be judgmental is a bit heavy…I give an opinion which can be either right or wrong….I try not to judge anyone…I give my perspective of what I see ..was wrong this time…thanks for pointing this out…looking forward for Olympic …want it to be epic…base on want is happening in the world

    4. Garnett Raymond common shes young and cofident whats wrong with that whats important is that shes asked not to be compared to anyone which is important as she realises shes not achieved anything yet but to be running these times at 20-21 shows shes a huge talent and if she can stay focussed and injury free she could most certainly go below 10.7 which has not been done for the better part of a decade now

    5. eric u so right these islanders i dnt understand their logic how cocky and arrogant usain bolt and yohan blake were then ppl said it was confidence now a young black sister comes trying to pave her own way now shes persecuted

  2. So a who tell her shi haffi leave. Dat will happen all in due time. Just humble uh self and run uh race. Less talk. She can be the next thing of track and field she is hungry but she gotta learn discipline. Like someone said tek a page outta jetta book.

  3. She full a chat she need to take a page from Jeter book and be humble, she remember what happened to English Gardner and several other hype up usa sprinter, they all flopped. Humble calf suck the most milk

    1. I agree; she is walking a line between confidence and arrogance. I (and I’m sure you do too) don’t want to sound like we’re hatin’ on her. She has a bright future but I’m not convinced she will be beloved.

      1. Me her mom her aunt’s uncles cousins yeah we all love her and we going to continue to love her and she’s going to continue to thrive and do better and before you know it greatness and said in so get ready for greatness and you will have to wonder about all these other washed up racers

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