American Michael Norman inked his name in sprint’s history books today with a stunning display.

Norman, who is considered one of the best quarter-milers in the world today, ran a stunning 9.86 (1.6m/s wind) to win at today’s (20 July) Fort Worth, Texas meeting.

He joined Wayde van Niekerk in an elite club as he has now gone under 10 seconds for 100m, 20 seconds for 200m and 44 seconds for 400m.

“NEW PR! 9.86(+1.6) and 10.03(+1.6) for @_kingben_ for our season opener. After four long years I finally got to run the 100m,” Norman tweeted after the race.

Norman’s training partner, Rai Benjamin, also ran a personal best of 10.03 seconds.

“BIG season opener today in the 100m with a 10.03 (1.6m/s wind) Fire and my guy @Mike_Norman22 with a 9.86 (1.6) Fire.

“Might just switch events Eyes,” tweeted Benjamin.

Ronnie Baker finished third in 10.23.

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  1. I agree the 100 m record pretty much looks untouchable for the near future.

    The 200m could be in jeopardy if he stays healthy.

    He has the 400 endurance…just like Michael Johnson.

    His 100 speed seems better than Michael Johnson. (Based on PRs).

    Johnson ram 19.32 and didn’t have his speed. Norman is clearly .10 faster than Johnson on the 100 so of he holds the same gap, he is right at 19.22 which is only a blink away.

    I’d love to see him in the 200.

    I believe bolt hit his peak in the 100 , but his stride and height hinders him slightly on the turn for the 200 thus making his time slower.

    BOLT is the one of the rare ones where his 200 splits are slower than his 100m PB.

  2. I like Norman yes he definitely have potential. Breaking the 100, 200, and 400 Records. I would pause on that for now . Let him have a great season , enjoy his times and hopefully he might get there.
    An American saying someone needs to see beyond their ” Nationalistic Paradigm is such a joke. Please ….!

  3. Records are meant to be broken.. I would love to see every WR fall in my lifetime.. That’s why we watch track and field.. If he opened with 9.86 I’m sure he will be down to about 9.70 by end of season..


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