Grenada's 2024 CARIFTA Games Open: Spotlight on Ticketing Strategy
Grenada's 2024 CARIFTA Games Open: Spotlight on Ticketing Strategy

By Michael Bascombe

The 2024 CARIFTA Games began with an inauguration ceremony held in St. George’s, Grenada, on Wednesday morning. This eagerly anticipated 51st edition is scheduled to take place at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium from March 30 to April 1, 2024.

The organizers deserve commendation for announcing the availability of tickets and the reportedly advanced state of preparations by the Carifta Games Local Organizing Committee (LOC). However, there is a notable concern surrounding the fairness of ticket distribution. Currently, tickets can only be acquired through online purchases, which incur an additional surcharge, or through Grenadian Optical.

Media support for Carifta Games

Considering the strong support for track and field in the outer parishes, it would be wise to establish ticket outlets beyond the main capital, ensuring accessibility for all interested spectators. Furthermore, it was expected that the regional media would be actively involved in Wednesday’s proceedings, similar to the approach taken during the 50th-anniversary launch in the Bahamas.

The inclusion of the media is crucial for widespread coverage and to capture the essence of the games. Lastly, I share the hope for a resurgence of sports media in Grenada, especially given the extensive coverage required for an event of this magnitude.

The games present a prime opportunity to showcase Grenada’s sporting prowess, and a strong presence of sports media will contribute to ensuring comprehensive and engaging coverage.


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