Yohan Blake and usain Bolt, the world's two fastest men ever
Yohan Blake and usain Bolt, the world's two fastest men ever

In an interview during his visit to Penn Relays 2023, 🏃 former World 100m champion Yohan Blake spoke about 🥇 Usain Bolt, whom he referred to as a “great king” 👑 in the sport of athletics.

However, Blake also noted that if certain circumstances were different, he would have been able to defeat Bolt. Nonetheless, he expressed no regrets about competing in the same era as Bolt and acknowledged the challenges of competing in track and field during that time.

Blake also recalled beating Bolt in both the 100m and 200m events at the Jamaica Trials. He further remembered Bolt telling him, “This nah go work again ino” after the race.

Despite this, Blake remains grateful for the opportunity to compete against Bolt and his impact on the sport. 🙏

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  1. It was Bolt’s era. Too bad that you were performing in that era. However, you had the opportunity to take up the mantle when Bolt retired. You were still young, you had recovered from your injuries and we were all expecting you to take over. So what happened? The stage is still there, so go for it.

  2. Shoulda, coulda, woulda…hombre please. We don’t deal in suppositions, illusions or intentions, just reality. You lost! Stop attempting to detract from his victory. The same circumstances you lost in, are the same ones he won in.

  3. Until this day, Him Blake has not get over it…in a smart way makes me wonder if He Had up Blot in His heart till now….I know the headline is misleading and full of propaganda and want to tear up things with them both….at times the Headline comes with these things to get likes and comments thats how this headline gets paid…… they should stop it…..I heard that Bolt and him Blake has not speak to each other for good long while now……

  4. Folks if you all understand track and field you would know Yohan is right, Coach Glen Mills knew when this was going to happen and what did he do, he just did not run Usain then, you should all remember what happen at trials one year, he did beat Usain, right, real talk Yohan.

    • Clement Hume yes but the trials Blake was fit Bolt didn’t not….so whats your story u nuh remember that too….did u see the turn around when they go to the World games what happens…let me remind you Bolt beat Blake both in the 100meter and 200meter…so the problem is jealousy up until this day he had for Bolt…Bolt was getting the lime light when He thinks He should be the one getting it. thats was in is heart and mind….

  5. Not quite Yohan. Maybe if you had learned how to finish a race, you keep shutting down the turbine before you cross the finish line. Try breaking the record.

  6. I love Yohan and respect him! My humble opinion is it was Usain ERA,* no one could have Dethrone him! But I am grateful for you as well. Proud Jamaican of ALL of the athletes that rep the Nation! Win, loose, or draw!🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

    • Gareth R. Dougal I predicted both of them injury, vaneker can’t do no damage, he has a cracked engine block, after races he so tired he can’t give an interview, he goes to medics after most races, check it!

  7. Richard Hardy wasting space for the young athletes, first 2 heats he is good after that his injuries hurt up, he should look for 1 diamond league race try run 9.56 and park, he tore his muscles off the bone, no way he can be the beast again, sorry

      • David Slack the man has been running years now, despite how great Bolt is, Blake remains the second greatest of all time. He is still around today after many adjustments in his career. He is still able to make national teams despite his physical situation, still earning his keep and doing his thing. Niekerk was out for two years as well and is on his way back. Give them respect.

  8. Luanda Layne he should run at meets where only have 1 heat then final, trying to run 100m and 200m at Olympic, wc is wasting time and space, after 2 heats his injuries kick in

  9. Bolt runs with skills, relaxation, and patience, Blake runs with power and strength, that why he is injured, time he retire, after that kind of injury one cannot return to former glory


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