KC 4x100m team at Gibson McCook Relays 2023
Kingston College (KC) won the Class 1 boys' 4x100m in 40.14 ahead of Jamaica College (JC), 40.36 and Camperdown, 40.37 #GibsonMcCookRelays

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Kingston College (KC) and Hyde emerged victorious in the boys and girls Class 1 4x100m events, respectively, at the Gibson McCook Relays held at the National Stadium in Kingston.

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In the Class 1 boys’ 4x100m, KC, led by Bouwahghi Nkrumie, took the top spot with a time of 40.14, followed by Jamaica College (JC) at 40.36 and Camperdown at 40.37.

Meanwhile, Calabar won the Class 2 boys’ 4x100m final with a time of 41.31, ahead of JC at 41.49 and STETHS at 41.73.

  • Hydel
  • holmwood 1
  • Wolmers 1
  • Jago3
  • Jago1
  • Hydel 2
  • JC 1
  • KC c3 1
  • Cbar 1
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In the Class 3 boys’ 4x100m, KC took first place with a time of 43.39, while Calabar and St. Jago came in second and third place, respectively, with times of 43.41 and 43.76.

JC took home the gold in the Class 4 boys’ 4x100m with a time of 45.46, followed by St. Jago at 45.61 and Calabar at 46.31.

On the girls’ side, Hydel emerged victorious in the Class 1 girls’ 4x100m final with a time of 44.25, followed by Edwin Allen at 44.91 and Holmwood at 46.19. Alana Reid, Aaliah Baker and Oneika McAnnuff, led Hydel team

St. Jago won the Class 2 girls’ 4x100m title with a time of 46.04, with Edwin Allen at 46.25 and St. Mary High at 46.87.

Wolmer’s took home the gold in the Class 3 4x100m relay final with a time of 46.09, followed by Edwin Allen at 47.12 and Hydel at 47.46.

In the Class 4 girls’ 4x100m, Hydel came out on top with a time of 48.87, followed by Holmwood at 48.86.


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