Brianna Lyston debuts with a strong showing at New Mexico Collegiate Classic
Brianna Lyston

Brianna Lyston ran her first indoor meet, but Kevona Davis and Julien Alfred enjoyed a better Friday evening (3 Feb) at the New Mexico Collegiate Classic.

Lyston, a freshman at LSU, ran third of three sprinters in her heat to finish 18th overall in 23.54 seconds.

Fellow Jamaican and Texas’ Kevona Davis finished second behind Favour Ofili of LSU, 23.22 to 22.55, for 9th overall. Ofili won the overall event.

Brianna Lyston debuts with a strong showing at New Mexico Collegiate Classic
Brianna Lyston

St. Lucian Julien Alfred, running for Texas, won her heat in 22.56 for second overall.

The men’s event was won by Lance Lang of Arkansas, 20.47, ahead of Texas Tech Courtney Lindsey, 20.58, and Yancy Dominick of Texas State, 20.58.

Jamaican Kelly-Ann Beckford, representing Houston,

 ran 2:05,74 to take second in the women’s 800m invitational behind Laurie Barton of Brooks Beasts, 2:03.20.

Jan’Taijah Jones, 51.80, beat her USC teammate Bailey Lear, 52.14, in the women’s 400m. Muzuri Mattar of Oklahoma ran 45.89 to beat Zarik Brown 46.12.

Tara Davis of Lululemon, 6.73m, topped the women’s long jump.


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  1. Kevona need to head back to Jamaica. Talent going to waste in the USA. She was one of Jamaica’s brightest prospects on the track. The college circuit is turning her out us she is a bit too bulky. She was one of the natural successor to Shelly, Elaine etc. Very few jamaicans track athletes who attend colleges in the USA ends up becoming world beaters. Most of them do well on the college circuit but fizzles away there after. If Brianna can come home I dont see who else cant.

  2. Brianna is going to get a whole lot better on the indoor track once she gets used to those banked tracks. Kevona is a junior now, so this should be the year she starts to show what she has.


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