Shericka Jackson wins big at Jamaica trials 2022
Shericka Jackson wins big at Jamaica trials 2022

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Elaine Thompson, Hansle Parchment, Yohan Blake and Shericka Jackson head Jamaica’s team for the World Athletics Championships starting July 15 in Eugene, Oregon22, USA.

Fraser-Pryce is the defending 100m champion, while Thompson-Herah is the Olympic Games sprint double champion.

Tajay Gayle, who won the long jump last time in Doha, Shanieka Ricketts silver in the triple jump, Rushell Clayton bronze in the 400m hurdles, are also in the team.

The JAAA, in a release, said: “Andrew Hudson, who won the 200m at the National Championships, is not eligible to compete for Jamaica until July 28th, hence Akeem Bloomfield will compete in the 200m.”

100m: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Shericka Jackson, Kemba Nelson, Elaine Thompson-Herah
200m: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Shericka Jackson, Elaine Thompson-Herah
400m: Candice McLeod, Stephenie-Ann McPherson, Charokee Young
800m: Chrisann Gordon-Powell, Natoya Goule, Adelle Tracey
1500m: Adelle Tracey
100m hurdles: Britany Anderson, Megan Tapper, Danielle Williams
400m hurdles: Rushell Clayton, Janieve Russell, Shiann Salmon
High jump: Lamara Distin, Kimberly Williamson
Long jump: Chanice Porter
Triple jump: Shanieka Ricketts, Ackelia Smith, Kimberly Williams
Shot put: Lloydricia Cameron, Danniel Thomas-Dodd
Discus: Samantha Hall
4x100m: Remona Burchell, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Shericka Jackson, Kemba Nelson, Elaine Thompson-Herah, Briana Williams
4x400m: Roniesha McGregor, Candice McLeod, Stephenie-Ann McPherson, Natalliah Whyte, Stacey-Ann Williams, Charokee Young

100m: Ackeem Blake, Yohan Blake, Oblique Seville
200m: Yohan Blake, Akeem Bloomfield, Rasheed Dwyer
400m: Nathon Allen, Jevaughn Powell, Christopher Taylor
800m: Navasky Anderson
110m hurdles: Orlando Bennett, Rasheed Broadbell, Hansle Parchment
400m hurdles: Jaheel Hyde, Kemar Mowatt, Shawn Rowe
Long jump: Tajay Gayle, Wayne Pinnock
Triple jump: Jordan Scott
Discus: Fedrick Dacres, Treves Smikle, Chad Wright
4x100m: Kemar Bailey-Cole, Ackeem Blake, Yohan Blake, Conroy Jones, Oblique Seville, Jelani Walker
4x400m: Nathon Allen, Karayme Bartley, Anthony Cox, Javon Francis, Jevaughn Powell, Christopher Taylor

4x400m: Junelle Bromfield, Akeem Bloomfield, Tiffany James-Rose, Gregory Prince


Event Female F.Alt M.Alt Male
100m Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Yohan Blake
100m Shericka Jackson Oblique Seville
100m Kemba Nelson Ackeem Blake
100m Elaine Thompson-Herah Alt Jelani Walker
100m Briana Williams Alt
200m Shericka Jackson Yohan Blake
200m Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Rasheed Dwyer
200m Elaine Thompson-Herah Akeem Bloomfield
200m Natalliah Whyte Alt
400m Candice McLeod Jevaughn Powell
400m Stephenie-Ann McPherson Christopher Taylor
400m Charokee Young Nathon Allen
400m Stacey-Ann Williams Alt
800m Natoya Goule Navasky Anderson
800m Chrisann Gordon-Powell
800m Adelle Tracey
1500m Adelle Tracey
100m/110m Hurdles Britany Anderson Hansle Parchment
100m/110m Hurdles Megan Tapper Rasheed Broadbell
100m/110m Hurdles Danielle Williams Orlando Bennett
100m/110m Hurdles Demisha Roswell Alt Alt Damion Thomas
400m Hurdles Shiann Salmon Jaheel Hyde
400m Hurdles Janieve Russell Kemar Mowatt
400m Hurdles Rushell Clayton Shawn Rowe
400m Hurdles Andrenette Knight Alt
High Jump Lamara Distin
High Jump Kimberly Williamson
Long Jump Chanice Porter Tajay Gayle
Long Jump Wayne Pinnock
Triple Jump Shanieka Ricketts Jordan Scott
Triple Jump Kimberly Williams
Triple Jump Ackelia Smith
Shot Put Danniel Thomas-Dodd
Shot Put Lloydricia Cameron
Discus Samantha Hall Treves Smikle
Discus Fedrick Dacres
Discus Chad Wright
4x100m Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Yohan Blake
4x100m Shericka Jackson Oblique Seville
4x100m Kemba Nelson Ackeem Blake
4x100m Elaine Thompson-Herah Jelani Walker
4x100m Briana Williams Kemar Bailey-Cole
4x100m Remona Burchell Conroy Jones
4x400m Candice McLeod Jevaughn Powell
4x400m Stephenie-Ann McPherson Christopher Taylor
4x400m Charokee Young Nathon Allen
4x400m Stacey-Ann Williams Karayme Bartley
4x400m Roniesha McGregor Javon Francis
4x400m Natalliah Whyte Anthony Cox
4x400m Mixed Junelle Bromfield Akeem Bloomfield
4x400m Mixed Tiffany James-Rose Gregory Prince
Manager Lincoln Eatmon
Assistant Manager Marie Tavares
Assistant Manager Michael Frater
Doctor Kevin Jones
Physiotherapist Noel Brown
Massage Therapist Jeffery King
Massage Therapist Jowayne Johnson
Massage Therapist Keneil Brown
Massage Therapist Troy Evans
Massage Therapist Morine Dawson
Massage Therapist Damion Rowe
Technical Director Maurice Wilson
Coach Paul Francis
Coach Bertland Cameron
Coach Lennox Graham
Coach Julian Robinson
Coach Marlon Gayle
Coach Reynaldo Walcott
Coach Lamar Richards
Coach Gregory Little

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