GC Foster College Secures Gold in College Men's 4x200 Championship at Penn Relays
GC Foster College Secures Gold in College Men's 4x200 Championship at Penn Relays

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (April 29) – GC Foster College, represented by Jhevaughn Whyte, Kadrian Goldson, Zandrian Barnes, and Michael Sharpe, claimed victory in the College Men’s 4×200 Championship of America at the Penn Relays on Friday.

The team put up a tough fight and gave their all in the event they had prepared for. Whyte kicked off the race with a great start and handed the baton to Goldson, who kept the momentum going. Barnes maintained the pace amidst the roaring cheers of the crowd. Sharpe then brought the team to victory, crossing the finish line in 1:23.20, ahead of the teams from Clemson, Houston, and Texas A&M.

The team was ecstatic, embracing each other with tears of joy. They stood on the podium, holding their wheel and watches, basking in the glory of their victory, which will be a cherished memory for years to come.


G.C. Foster *Jhevaughn Whyte, Kadrian Goldson, Zandrian Barnes, Michael Sharpe
1:23.203 (1)
Clemson *Guinove Joanus, Cameron Rose, D’Andre Anderson, Wanya McCoy
1:24.323 (2)
Houston *Jordan Booker, Dylan Brown, Edward Sumler IV, Shaun Maswanganyi
1:25.023 (3)
Texas A&M *Ryan Martin, Isaiah Teer, DeVante Mount, Jordan Chopane
1:25.233 (4)
Southern Illinois *Lamark Threadgill, Xavier Preston, Christian Donatelli, Jeremiah Hamilton
1:26.262 (1)
Delaware State Alonzo Sims Jr, Jalen Booth-Mitchell, Jaden Shelton, Malachi Brinkley
1:27.071 (1)
South Carolina DJ Black, Emory Floyd, Jackson Junkins, Prescott Jefferson
1:27.433 (5)
Limestone *Kurt Modeste, Javaris Michael, David Allen, Q2jDqQ== Lara
1:27.772 (2)

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