Lamara Distin
Lamara Distin

Lamara Distin, Commonwealth Games gold medallist, has made history once again at the Tiger Paw Invitational in Clemson, South Carolina. The indoor high jumper broke her own national indoor record with a leap of 1.97m, tying her for fifth all-time in the all-collegiate rankings.

Distin’s previous national indoor record of 1.94m was set just a week ago at the New Mexico Collegiate Classic. The athlete’s impressive 1.97m jump is the same as her national outdoor record from last year.

Lamara Distin
FILE: Lamara Distin wins gold at the Commonwealth Games

Her success at the Tiger Paw Invitational has solidified Distin’s place as one of the top high jumpers in the country. Her dedication and hard work have paid off, allowing her to break new ground and set new records continuously.

As Distin continues to compete in her indoor campaign, fans and followers can expect to see more remarkable achievements from the athlete. Her determination and unwavering spirit are sure to lead her to new heights in her sport.

In conclusion, Lamara Distin’s record-breaking performance at the Tiger Paw Invitational is a testament to her talent and commitment to the sport of high jumping. The athlete’s continued success will undoubtedly inspire others and keep the world of athletics on the edge of their seats.



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