Kip Keino Classic -- Letsile Tebogo Shines Bright: Secures 8th Spot in Top Ten Active Sprinters
Letsile Tebogo Shines Bright: Secures 8th Spot in Top Ten Active Sprinters

Botswana’s Letsile Tebogo is making headlines in athletics after running a personal best and world-leading time of 31.54 seconds to win the men’s 300m race at the Simbine Curro Classic in Pretoria.

Tebogo, who is the world U20 champion and world record holder at 9.91, impressive feat also makes him the third fastest man in African history over the distance.

The 19-year-old athlete showcased his strength and determination as he powered through the race, jogging the last 20 meters to clinch the victory. However, despite his incredible performance, Tebogo missed out on breaking the National Record by a mere 0.10 seconds.

Letsile Tebogo
Letsile Tebogo

Tebogo’s stunning display of speed and athleticism has been praised by fans and experts alike, who have noted his immense potential for future success. The Botswanan athlete has been putting in the hard work and training needed to compete at this level, and his efforts have clearly paid off.

Tebogo’s impressive win at the Simbine Curro Classic is sure to cement his position as one of Botswana’s top athletes, and he is expected to continue making waves in the athletics world in the coming years. He is the only athlete to have run under 10 seconds in the 100m (9.91) and sub-20 in the 200m (19.96).

Letsile Tebogo’s incredible performance at the Simbine Curro Classic has demonstrated his exceptional talent and potential as an athlete. His world-leading time and third-fastest record in African history are clear indications of the bright future ahead for the young Botswanan athlete.


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