Home Selected News Men’s Shot Put Final Results – NACAC Championships 2022

Men’s Shot Put Final Results – NACAC Championships 2022

Men’s Shot Put Final Results – NACAC Championships 2022

Roger Steen wins the Shot Put gold medal at the 2022 NACAC Championships in Freeport Bahamas with his final throw. Piperi held the lead for much of the event with this throw of 20.76m in the 2nd round only to see it snatched at the very end. O’Dayne Richards of Jamaica was 3rd with a throw of 20.05m which he achieved in his 1st round attempt.

PlaceAthleteTeamMarkAttempt 1Attempt 2Attempt 3Attempt 4Attempt 5Attempt 6
1usaROGER STEENUSA20.78mFOUL18.68m19.84m20.24m20.19m20.78mthree vertical dots
2usaADRIAN “TRIPP” PIPERIUSA20.76m20.40m20.76m20.38mFOUL20.48m20.58mthree vertical dots
3jamO’DAYNE RICHARDSJAM20.05m20.05m19.34m18.57m19.58mFOUL19.40mthree vertical dots
4ivbELDRED HENRYIVB18.78m17.97mFOUL18.20mFOUL18.49m18.78mthree vertical dots
5honZACK SHORTHON18.66m17.58m18.66m18.58mFOUL18.40m18.34mthree vertical dots
6haiRICKSSEN OPONTHAI18.07mFOUL18.07mFOULFOUL15.83m17.18mthree vertical dots
7cubGOMEZ JUAN CARLEY VAZQUEZCUB17.99m17.99m17.18mFOUL17.40m17.41m16.99mthree vertical dots
8ttoWIMANA STEWARTTTO17.96m17.74m17.40m17.96m17.20mFOUL17.14mthree vertical dots
9purJORGE LUIS CONTRERASPUR17.17mFOULFOUL17.17mFOULthree vertical dots


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