Sean McGorty took the gold medal in a championship record time of 29:23.77 at the 2022 NACAC Championships in Freeport Bahamas erasing the previous mark set in the inaugural edition in El Salvador in 2007. NACAC2022Results

PlaceAthleteTeamTimeSplit 1Split 2Split 3Split 4Split 5Split 6Split 7Split 8Split 9Split 10Split 11Split 12Split 13Split 14Split 15Split 16Split 17Split 18Split 19Split 20Split 21Split 22Split 23Split 24Split 25
1usaSEAN MCGORTYUSA29:23.771:16.86Pl: 202:28.36Pl: 203:39.44Pl: 204:51.15Pl: 206:03.47Pl: 207:16.05Pl: 208:29.23Pl: 209:41.87Pl: 2010:54.96Pl: 2012:09.03Pl: 2013:23.66Pl: 2014:37.89Pl: 2015:47.31Pl: 3-116:57.60Pl: 3018:07.02Pl: 3019:17.59Pl: 3020:28.43Pl: 3021:38.71Pl: 3022:49.06Pl: 3023:59.53Pl: 3025:09.91Pl: 2+126:20.15Pl: 1+127:23.48Pl: 1028:24.71Pl: 1029:23.77Pl: 10three vertical dots
2usaDILLON MAGGARDUSA29:33.571:17.33Pl: 402:28.78Pl: 403:39.86Pl: 404:51.54Pl: 406:03.84Pl: 407:16.32Pl: 408:29.48Pl: 409:42.15Pl: 4010:55.27Pl: 4012:09.26Pl: 4013:23.91Pl: 4014:37.63Pl: 1+315:46.89Pl: 1016:57.15Pl: 1018:06.60Pl: 1019:17.25Pl: 1020:27.97Pl: 1021:38.33Pl: 1022:48.62Pl: 1023:59.17Pl: 1025:09.73Pl: 1026:20.18Pl: 2-127:24.36Pl: 2028:31.24Pl: 2029:33.57Pl: 20three vertical dots
3canANDREW ALEXANDERCAN29:33.731:17.11Pl: 302:28.58Pl: 303:39.63Pl: 304:51.34Pl: 306:03.61Pl: 307:16.21Pl: 308:29.38Pl: 309:42.03Pl: 3010:55.12Pl: 3012:09.17Pl: 3013:23.79Pl: 3014:38.14Pl: 3015:47.15Pl: 2+116:57.38Pl: 2018:06.83Pl: 2019:17.45Pl: 2020:28.22Pl: 2021:38.55Pl: 2022:48.90Pl: 2023:59.39Pl: 2025:10.01Pl: 3-126:20.34Pl: 3027:24.80Pl: 3028:31.57Pl: 3029:33.73Pl: 30three vertical dots
4purARNALD MARTINEZPUR31:21.881:16.68Pl: 102:28.15Pl: 103:39.25Pl: 104:50.96Pl: 106:03.29Pl: 107:15.87Pl: 108:29.03Pl: 109:41.71Pl: 1010:54.76Pl: 1012:08.83Pl: 1013:23.52Pl: 1014:38.60Pl: 4-315:52.07Pl: 4017:07.73Pl: 4018:24.04Pl: 4019:41.21Pl: 4020:59.29Pl: 4022:17.88Pl: 4023:36.72Pl: 4024:56.17Pl: 4026:16.16Pl: 4027:33.33Pl: 4028:53.09Pl: 4030:09.66Pl: 4031:21.88Pl: 40three vertical dots


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