Elaine Thompson wins at the Jamaica Trials --- Jubilee Series
Elaine Thompson wins at the Jamaica 2019 Trials

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Jamaica Administrative Athletics Association (JAAA) has pledged $3 million for its four-part Jubilee Series for senior athletes in a lead up to the World Championships to be held in July this year.

The second meet will be held this Saturday, May 7 at the National Stadium starting at 5 pm.

The remaining Jubilee Series events scheduled for May 7, 21 and June 4 will feature:

100m M/W
200m M/W
400m M/W
400mH M/W
100mH W
110mH M
Long Jump (M/W)
Discus (W/M)

JAAA President, Garth Gayle, says “track and field has been a major part of Jamaica’s history, and in the 60th year, we will continue to provide suitable competition for our senior athletes.”

He added that, “we thought we should offer our senior athletes an opportunity to sharpen their performances for the National Championships and other professional outings leading into the World Championships in July.”

JAAA/SDF Launch Jubilee Series

The events will be at the National Stadium and will run for two hours on each occasion running from 5 – 7 pm. As part of the offer, the JAAA will allow its dedicated fans to enter the Grandstand free of cost.

The event is being held in partnership with the Sport Development Foundation (SDF) and PUMA.

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