Home Articles Adaejah Hodge shock Jamaicans at Carifta Games

Adaejah Hodge shock Jamaicans at Carifta Games

Adaejah Hodge shock Jamaicans at Carifta Games
Adaejah Hodge scores big U17 girls 100m victory at Carifta Games 2022

Carifta Games tagAdaejah Hodge of the British Virgin Islands stunned the Jamaican crowd gathered at the National Stadium in Kingston on Saturday’s (16 April) opening day of the 2022 Carifta Games.

The 16-year-old bolted from the blocks and quickly dismissed the field to cross the finish line in an incredible 11.29 seconds. The time was just outside Briana Williams’ U17 record of 11.27.

Bahamian Shatalya Dorsett crossed the line a little back in second with 11.80 and Jamaican Theianna Lee Terrelonge, 11.87.

Dwayne Fleming of Antigua was the U17 boys’ 100m gold medal winner in 10.72. He beat Jamaican Gary Card, 10.75 and Ishmael Rolle of the Bahamas, 10.77.

Jamaica’s twin pair of Tina Clayton, 11.22 and Tia Clayton, 11.30, finished 1-2 in the U20 girls’ 100m. DeAndre Daley won the U20 boys’ final in 10.23 ahead of his teammate Bouwahjgie Nkrumie, 10.28.

Jamaica won all the 400m titles at Carifta Games 2022.

Abigail Campbell took the U17 girls crown in 53.83, and Kaylia Kelly the U20 title in 52.32. Marchino Rose, 48.41 and Delano Kennedy, 46.66, were the male winners for Jamaica.

Aaron Antoine of Trinidad and Tobago cleared 2.16m to beat Jamaica’s Brandon Pottinger, 2.14m.

Jamaica, with Kobe Lawrence, 60.77m and Christopher Young, 54.30m, topped the discus throw for U20 boys.

Bahamas’ Keyshawn Strachan broke the day’s only record, 79.89m, to beat the previous U20 boys’ javelin throw mark of 78.28m.

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  1. Vijay why uno trouble the yardies, them love them track and field bad bad. Bad. One thing me luv the spirit of the jamaicans. A very patriotic nation.

  2. Who was shocked?? The jamaicans have never win every good in carifta , so stop you all lies and dirty propaganda, they will win most of the race but they never win all. Congratulations to Jamaica. These media always want jamaica to lose , set of waste propagandist

  3. Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉
    We waiting for you at the senior level. We have a trailer load a talent waiting for you

  4. Who was shocked? Who has the record. Stop the hype and let the athletes run there best. I am really happy for her.

  5. Why would you use the word shock? First nobody never heard of her.. Whats shocking about it ? The race can be won by anybody.. Why u never say she shocked the whole carifta with her performance.. Like a Jamaicans one a participate.. Congratulations BVI you are one for the future…. Jamaica is on a medal Haul..we win some and we lose some… Thats how it is..


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