Elaine Thompson-Herah sizzles to historic double-double at Tokyo 2020
Elaine Thompson-Herah sizzles to historic double-double at Tokyo 2020

Jamaican Elaine Thompson-Herah lost her 60m race (Video Below) at Tuesday’s (22 Feb) ORLEN Copernicus Cup in Torun, Poland.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic sprint double champion, seeking her first sub-7 of the season, could only manage a season-best of 7.04 seconds.

Homegirl Ewa Swoboda won the event in 7.03 seconds while fellow Polish Pia Skrzyszowska finished third in 7.14.

“I’m so very happy. I still can’t believe that I raced against Elaine Thompson-Herah and that I won against her. It was a pleasure to compete with her. Wow,” said Swoboda.

In a social media post, Thompson-Herah wrote: “Didn’t win today but super grateful. Everybody’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress. I mean, I’ve never arrived. I’m still learning all the time. ”

Earlier in the heats, Thompson-Herah topped her section in 7.14, and Swoboda won her’s in 7.06.

Roneisha McGregor of Jamaica ran 53.06 in the women’s 400m, which saw Femke Bol of The Netherland getting the fastest time of 50.64.

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      • Hannu Savolainen So are we talking about Herah from Jamaica ?
        I read something about her breaking Florence Joyner’s.. Is that true. I have attempted to find out IF it’s true??
        The sad part is for me that’s Cheating. I ran against her when I was. competed when we were both at the ’84 Olympic Games. The meet was all about her. She aka her uniform of which she had on. USATF. Made a swift decision about ALL of the athletes had to wear the outfits given to each participents had wear the same.
        The USATF made a rule change right after she wore her own outfit’s
        I’ve said the same thing about what she did to run that fast.
        I’ve said to my athletes, when I coached. One of my athletes from my 2nd TC . Not to look at anyone else, to look at yourself . When you’re in your lane, it was time to hande YOUR business. She most had to be. I considered that yo be cheated,but in the end, it really wasn’t worth it.

  1. She was testing her start, it looked very sharp. If they had run 65 m, she would have won. Things are looking good for the World Indoor Championships!

  2. She opened weakly. Would have won a 62m contest. One of the reasons she is doing these short races is to work on her start. The video will give Elaine and her coach good material to work with.

  3. Why use this photo tho? This was not her countenance on coming second in that indoor 60metre by 100th of a second. An event that is not even her favourite race. If this is how well ETH is doing in 60m it speaks volumes for later in the season in 100m. She’s in a class of her own.

    • Kunta Kala It is very important for ETH not to change her acceleration. She has a very long acceleration phase because she wants to win 100 m races, the short races are very secondary. She wants to win in Oregon in July, and she will. She is testing her start and it’s looking sharp!

      • Hannu Savolainen yup also Ewa is a 60m indoor specialist. She has not run under 11 seconds in 100m yet so she is no threat to elaine in the 100m. Elaine is in such amazing form right now, I’m excited to see what she is going to do this season outdoors.


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