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Omar McLeod, who failed to defend with London 2017 world title because of a hamstring injury in Doha 2019, sent apologies to Spaniard Orlando Ortega.

McLeod, who fought gallantly with new champion Grant Holloway up the eighth hurdle, drifted and impeded Ortega. McLeod was disqualified.

“My hamstring grab after I came off the first hurdle,” McLeod said ruefully.

“I am sorry for Ortega because I bumped him and he could have gotten a medal. But it is life,” said the Olympic champion. McLeod ruled himself out of the rest of the 17th IAAF World Athletics Championships.

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  1. It´s life?.
    If it were first time this happens, I would agree. Unfortunately it doesn´t.
    Athletes doesn´t want to be close to Mcleods´line because in that case, the chance of these it-is-life-accidents increases a lot.


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