By Alricardo Gallimore, TrackAlerts.Com Writer 

The controversy surrounding Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s no show at the recently concluded World Relays in Bahamas continues to plague Jamaica's track and field. One of the coaches for the team in the Bahamas, Jermaine Shands, broke his silence on the matter.

Shand explained to The Gleaner: "I was told to prepare a team for the heats from that list (Simone Facey, Natasha Morrison, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Kerron Stewart, Schillonie Calvert and Sherone Simpson) and a potential team for the final. After the meeting, we went to the track for baton exchange training and towards the end of the session, I was approached by Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and she said to me, 'my coach scratched me from the 4x200m and he wants me to run the 4x100m',".

According to Shand, "She (Fraser-Pryce) noted that it seemed as if I already had the 4x100m team in place, but she was just telling me and following the instruction of the coach. I told her I understood and that she would be included for the finals. She asked which leg she would be running and I told her the third leg".  

Shand said Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce agreed but returned to say that the lead off leg is what her coach wanted her to do citing block practice as the main reason for such move. He responded by saying; "I told her that we would look into her starting the relay."

"Fraser-Pryce stated that her coach said that she is also available for the heat, but that she noticed that the team is set and that she didn't want any problems because the team was already in training, but she was following the coach's instruction," continued Shand.

Her request was never denied according to Shand and she was considered for the finals. According to Shand, "On Saturday afternoon, I was told that she might no longer be available for the final." 


  1. Jamaica need to sort themselves out. There is always some kind of contravosary. Last time it cost us a world record. I believe the 4x100m meter women’s team was on course for a record but feĺ short because of a contravosary. We need to work as a team


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