Fresh off winning the Dive BVI 5K Series on the outer island of Virgin Gorda a week earlier with a course, Reuben Stoby made the field of 54 know his intentions from the first step as he sprinted away from the pack, in Saturday’s Blenheim Trust 5K tour stop in Carrot Bay.

Stoby led from start to finish, meandering his way through the winding streets of the scenic north coast seaside village on the looped course that had an incline going and coming, to win in 17 minutes and 41 seconds for the fastest time recorded on the route.

Tarique Moses and Julius Farlery followed in 18:14 and 19:35 respectively.

Stoby revealed that his plan developed two weeks ago was simple—go hard from the start—as he had the benefit of training on the course a few mornings.

“I didn’t think that a lot of people might want to start out so quickly and that is something I’ve been working on—my start—trying to go out fast and find a decent rhythm somewhere in the middle of the race,” Stoby explained. “I’m glad I was able to keep up to the plan but it wasn’t easy knowing that Moses could be a threat.”

Moses said it was a good race but Stoby’s early move caught him by surprise. “I didn’t think he would have gone out so hard and hold that pace,” Moses said. “When I started closing on him on the hill (returnning), he kept looking back at me. Every time he saw I was gaining ground on him, he would pick it up, then relax. He actually got me on the hill and from there he won the race. But, I’m going to work harder—I’m coming back for him—he’ll see me again.”

Race director Kay Reddy said Stoby’s time was amazing. She said even though the course is flat, going and coming, Sugar Mill Hill is high enough to put lactic acid in one’s legs—coupled with the wind and a little bit of early morning heat. “It’s not the easiest course of the series and it’s an absolute incredible time,” she said. “If he can do that on this course, I can see the time coming down even further.”

For the first time in series history, there was a kids short course in which Charlie Potgeiter edged Sebbie Morgan.

Final results;

Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 17 minutes and 41 seconds.  2. Tarique Moses, 18:14.  3. Julius Farley, 19:35.  4. Ravindra Sukha, 20:03.  5. Zebalon McLean, 20:52.  6. Paul Hubbard, 20:56.  7. Dan Mitchell, 21:48.  8. Russell Crumpler, 22:16.  9. Derek Pettigrew, 22:24. 10. Adrian Dale, 22:46. 11. Jonathan Barnard, 23:14.  12. Charles Kerins, 23:20.  13. David Pettigrew, 24:30. 14. Julien Johnson, 25:18. 15. Claudius Rhymer, 25:56. 16. Rory Lynch, 25:56. 17. Sam Potgieter, 26:25.  18. Stephen Bridson, 27:09. 19. Andre Kartick, 28:48.  20. Chris Potgieter, 29:22.  21. Howard Moore, 30:00. 22. Richard Morgan, 31:20.  23. Stephen Beard, 32:45. 24. Bill Kinkead, 35:52. 25. Shane & Paddy Donovan, 41:44.  26. TJ Torres, 43:25.  27. Barry Leon, 43:31.

Women: 1. Katrina Crumpler, 21:04.  2. Rosmond Johnson, 22:06.  3. Melissa Brunner, 23:25.  4. Jenny McIvor, 23:26.  5. NiMade Oniasih, 23:50.  6. Claire-Louise Whiley, 23:58.  7. Anna Kinkead, 24:38.  8. Juliane Potgieter, 24:58.  9. Kay Reddy, 25:14. 10. Eva Askuly, 27:05. 11. Lisa Bridson, 27:36.  12. Natasha Ruscheinski, 27:48. 13. Jenny Dobbie, 27:52. 14. Shariesma Maduro, 29:31.  15. Barbara O'Neal, 29:44.  16. Candy Holdt, 30:17. 17. Karen Birr, 30:58.  18. Ghislaine Hoogendijk, 31:01.  19. Jude Holmes, 31:28. 20. Sabinah Clement, 43:31.  21. Mai Canlas, 43:46.  Sophia Addis, no time.

Youth course: 1. Charlie Potgeiter, 10:41.  2. Sebbie Morgan, 10:42.  3. Tom Bridson, 11:09.  4. Xavier Morgan, 12:36.  5. Joey Potgieter.

Walkers: Sophie Bennett, Linda Li, 45:00.


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