The Olympians Association of Jamaica has partnered Team Jamaica Bickle to help with the support of Jamaican athletes.

The objectives of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) “is to provide the cornerstone and structure for defining the relationship and expectations of the Parties.

TJB will assist OAJ with the following:
• Establishing corporate partnerships to help OAJ to carry out its mission to assist Olympians
• Educating the public, Olympians, and student-athletes of OAJ, its mission and objectives
• Supporting OAJ’s programs to solicit funding to support its missions and goals
• Collaborating in joint ventures to mutually benefit both parties

OAJ will assist TJB with the following:
• Providing access to Olympians, where possible, to further TJB’s mission to provide support
to student-athletes
• Supporting TJB’s programs to solicit funding to support its missions and goals
• Collaborating in joint ventures to mutually benefit both parties

The term of this Memorandum of Understanding shall be for a period of 5 years.

Marvin Anderson, president of the Olympians Association, commented:
“The Jamaica Olympians Association believes that it is those who prepare in times of scarcity, that reap true and lasting rewards. Truly, the work of any Olympian is testament to this kind of discipline and focus. But without support, funding, allies and close partners, the hard work and preparation of our athletes are insufficient to reap the high ideals for which they toil.

“Team Jamaica Bickle has demonstrated their commitment and expertise in creating opportunities, garnering support, establishing linkages and providing advocacy for our Jamaican athletes. The signing of this MOU serves as a formal confirmation of a pre-existing and longstanding relationship, as well as, a signal of greater collaboration to come.

“We look forward to the work that the Team Jamaica Bickle will undertake to educate the public concerning the several areas of our work, as well the corporate relationships that will be created and bolstered through their advocacy.

“Our athletes are truly our ambassadors. We must continue to support, guide and create for each one, smoother paths to their high ideals,” Anderson said.

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