World long jump champion Tajay Gayle continued his good form. At Saturday’s (18 July) Velocity Fest held at Jamaica College, Gayle won the men’s long jump with a leap of 8.13m against a -0.6m/s wind.

Gayle shocked the world last year when he won the long jump title in Doha.

The 23-year-old jumper opened with 7.86m, which were followed by 8.07m, foul, 8.13m, foul and closed with 8.12m (-1.3m/s wind).

Gayle became an 8-metre jumper in 2017, improving from 7.54. He won the world title with 8.69m. Gayle finished fourth at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and took the silver medal at the 2018 NACAC Championships.

Domon Williams finished behind Gayle on Saturday with 7.24m and Joseph Ramie, third with 7.16m.

Ramone Bailey was the fourth jumper with 7.05m.

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