Record's at Risk?  


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21/09/2020 1:13 pm  

With the near world record (WR) run of 46.87 for Karsten Warholm of Norway in the 400 m hurdles this season, (this effort being only a tenth of a second off of Kevin Young's 28 year old WR of 46.78) it got me thinking, aside from the 400m hurdles, Men's USATF currently has three other outdoor world records left through the Long Jump, 110 Hurdles and 4x400 m Relay. 




Long Jump: 8.95 m- Mike Powell  (1991 Tokyo IAAF World Championships Final) 

400M Hurdles: 46.78- Kevin Young (1992 Barcelona Olympic Games Final)

4x400 Relay: 2:54.29- Michael Johnson, Quincy Watts, Andrew Valmon, Butch Reynolds (1993 Stuttgart IAAF World Championships Final) 

110 Hurdles: 12.80- Aries Merritt (2012 Brussels Diamond League Final)  



How would you asses the vulnerability of each?