April 19, 2021

Biggest Triple Threat: Miller-Uibo vs Norman  


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25/07/2020 2:20 pm  

Within the past couple of weeks both Michael Norman and Shaune Miller-Uibo both set barrier-breaking personal bests(PB) in the 100m. Norman destroyed the 10-sec mark with a blistering 9.86, Miller-Uibo did the equivalent for the Women's 100, breaking the 11-sec barrier in 10.98. The reason these feats are so intriguing is because, neither are 100m people. Norman has one of the fastest 400m times in history at 43.45 and holds the NCAA record at 43.61. He also has run 19.7 in the 200m. Uibo-Miller is the reigning 400m Olympic Champion and is a 200 m favorite for Tokyo as well, with a PB and Bahamian NR of 21.74. Both quarter-milers are prime examples of how dynamic and exciting athletics can be. The question is: which can be the greater triple threat (over 100m, 200m, 400m)?


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29/07/2020 8:39 am  

@auburn I am still stunned by Norman's time. I wouldn't be this way if it was the 200m, but to run 9.8, thats more than amazing to me.

Taking nothing away from Shaunae Miller-Uibo 10.98, but 9.8 from a 400m man in Michael Norman take the cake


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