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World Athletics' Responds to global Protest  


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06/06/2020 4:32 pm  

Due to a recent string of high-profile, deadly incidences of racial bias in America towards unarmed black citizens (most recently the heinous killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officer on May 25th that was video recorded), many around the U.S. and globe have taken their collective and cumulative outrage to the streets in protest of the systemic racial inequities that have plagued the African American community for generations.

In response to the sustained insurrection, World Athletics (formerly the IAAF), in uniform with many leagues, franchises, and brands expressed their support and solidarity with the ongoing plight for racial and socioeconomic justice. In a tweet that was published June 1st, it states,

"For over 50 years our athletes and our sport have supported the rights of a fair and equal society, a society where all lives are equal. For this to still not be the reality for so many is unacceptable. We stand beside our athletes and all people who are demanding change."

The statement is partnered with the most iconic slogan-turned-hashtag of this movement #BlackLivesMatter, printed next to an image of the 1968 Olympic 200 m podium in Mexico City, where Americans Tommie Smith and John Carlos; and Australian Peter Norman famously championed the need for human rights, with Smith and Carlos raise their fists in the air, with heads bowed and eyes closed as the Star Bangled Banner played. Akin to Smith and Carlos, Norman wore a human rights badge on his outfit to show solidarity.