January 11, 2021
West Indies All-tim...

West Indies All-time XI  


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05/05/2020 6:02 pm  

West Indies players are some of the greatest to ever play the game of cricket....Also for a while in the 70s and 80s they dominated...What's your best West Indies All-Time XI

My West Indies All-time XI...My team is ONLY based on the order, so Gayle made it over Viv because he is an opener. Walcott to keep wicket as he did so very well in his first 15 test matches. Let's see ur XI

1. Greenidge
2. Gayle
3. Lara (c)
4. Headley
5. Weeks
6. Sobers
7. Walcott (w)
8. Gibbs
9. Marshall
10. Ambrose
11. Garner

I challenge you to pick a better XI